Rogers Sets its Sights on Windows Mobile-Based Devices

Rogers Wireless today unveiled its plan to further increase its presence in the rapidly expanding market for devices powered by Windows Mobile® software, a move the company expects will help to extend its position as the leading provider of wireless data services in Canada.

As part of the announcement Rogers unveiled two new Windows Mobile-powered devices - the Palm® Treo™ 750 smartphone and the MOTO Q™ 9h - and announced a free online Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the HTC S621. In support, Rogers has launched a high-profile advertising campaign on October 2, 2007 to further raise awareness about how Windows Mobile-based applications help mobile professionals stay productive while away from the office.

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News source: Rogers Communications Inc.

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Rogers' data rates = extortion
I had a prepaid SIM when I went to Europe, and they charged $0.001 per kilobyte. However, Rogers thinks $0.05 per kb is more than fair...

Why is this news? Bell and Telus have had WM phones for some time now. They have a full lineup of HTC sliders and Treos running on EV-DO. They've had the Moto Q (the first one) for over a year.

Heck, Bell is rumoured to be getting the all-touchscreen HTC Vogue for Christmas. That seems more exciting than a a couple of revisions of existing Palm and Motorola products.

its great seeing these new phones, but the data plans are what we really need. and cant say theres no competition. bell & telus both have 1GB $100 plans (although still pricey) while rogers isnt even close. i think our hope is apple pushing rogers on creating some affordable and useful data plans

I work for Rogers (systems architect) and one thing I can tell you guys, is that Rogers is ripping you guys off with their data packages, they hike up the prices for no reason, since they dominate the wireless market in canada, they can do whatever they desire and charge whatever. Anyways back on topic, I am glad to see that the canadian wireless market is getting more into the windows/symbian based phones...

I wouldn't put my money on any data pricing drop. This is Rogers the ONLY GSM operator in Canada. They have little reason to charge less for something they dont compete with anyone in. That being said data charges are the reason i still dont have a Rogers phone even though ive been in canada for a good month almost 2.
But i would love to have an affordable unlimited data package (with unlimited incoming calls cause wtf is up with this stupid continent and paying for people that call you?! ) that i could sink my teeth into. it wont happen, but it would be great.