Roku 2 officially launched

As predicted earlier this week, the Roku streaming media TV set top box company has now launched the newest generation version of its product, the Roku 2 (despite the name the Roku 2 is actually the third generation version of the device)  As with the first version of the Roku, the Roku 2 comes in three different flavors: the Roku 2 HD ($59.99), the Roku 2 XD ($79.99), and the Roku 2 XS ($99.99). In addition to allowing users to stream video and audio from a number of sources it also has support for playing games via its new Wii-like motion sensing remote control.

The standard Roku 2 HD supports 720p video resolution and contains 128 MB of RAM. The Roku 2 XD supports 1080p video resolutions and has 256 MB of RAM. The Roku 2 XS has the same video and RAM amounts as the Roku 2 XD but also includes extras like an Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port and a reset button. It also has a free copy of the Roku 2 version of Angry Birds which can be played via the new remote controller. You can purchase and download more games for all three versions of the Roku 2 via its new Games channel.

In addition to the new games support, the Roku 2 now support a number of additional video streaming services including, AOL HD and the EpixHD (you need a subscription to the Epix pay cable TV network for that to work with the Roku 2). It also adds support to view your Facebook pictures and videos along with your Facebook friends. The Netflix support, which was a big part of previous versions of Roku, has been improved for Roku 2 including 1080p video support, subtitles and more.

Image via Roku

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I never liked the old Roku's cause of no reset button, no on/off button and the lack of extra audio outputs....if they add a digital Optical out i'd be a happy camper.

tsupersonic said,
If I can't stream stuff from my home computer, this device has already failed.

The HD-XR can stream, why wouldn't this be able to?

Article Says,
The Roku 2 XS ... includes extras like an Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port and a reset button.

LOL! Since when has a reset button been an "extra"?!

Andrew Hunt said,
Any opinions on Roku vs Boxee?

If you're looking to give your parents a set-top internet box, you get them a Roku.

If all of your geek friends judge you for not succumbing to the Boxee culture, you tell them they're MORE than welcome to teach your parents how to use it. You will put zero effort into making even the most insufferable of the computer illiterate use a Roku. The remote has like...six buttons.

Well, the new one has a couple more, I see, but just the same.

I wonder why it's called the Roku 2 considering this is the 3rd generation of hardware. Their site says it's the second, but it's totally not. haha