Roku Streaming Stick announced

Roku has been successful with its set top boxes that offer consumers a way to stream video from lots of different channels on their TVs, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video and more. Today the company announced an all new product that will go on sale later in 2012 that reduces the Roku device down to a small USB-like stick.

The product is the Roku Streaming Stick and it's designed to be hooked up into a TV or monitor's HDMI port, if that port is MHL-compatible. The device will have WiFi capabilities and will allow compatible TVs to have all of the Roku features and channels without the need for the normal set-top box.

Roku's product was already pretty small to begin with but this new Streaming Stick should open up Roku to an even larger audience for its streaming video devices. TV makers could even bundle the stick with new TVs if they wished. Best Buy will start selling the product sometime this fall, including bundling the device with its in-house Insignia TVs. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

Roku also announced today that so far its set-top boxes have sold over 2.5 million units since first going on sale in 2008. That's quite a lot considering that the company hasn't done a ton of mainstream advertising or marketing for the product.

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Does anyone else feel an overload of wireless HD streaming, AV interfaces and connector standards? They all need to be unified. MHL seems to be a marriage of HDMI and micro-USB to supply power.

This is a great form factor to go after for 'set-top' devices, even if it may not work for all TVs just yet. A future where all of the connectors are along one side (and recessed enough to keep devices hidden) instead of just sticking out the back will make TV placement simpler and the presentation more attractive.

Not to mention, no more pulling the TV out to plug in a new device? Yes PLEASE.

No more digging around a cabinet to lead power cables in a completely separate direction? Yes PLEASE.

We aren't all cutting holes into walls.

Pretty slick indeed. My parents favorite Xmas gift from 2010 is by far the Roku XS I got them. They use it on a daily basis. Highly recommended devices.

CentralDogma said,
Only like 3 TVs are MHL-compatible, so this is kind of useless.

Too bad although my Samsung UN55D8000YF supports it, yet another reason I'm glad I didn't go with the 9000. I really don't have a need for it with an Xbox 360, PS3 and Apple TV already attached but who knows, I may try it if the price is low enough.

I was reading about this earlier today, I think it is a great product for folks that do not have anything they can use for streaming (such as a game console) That do not want to have to deal with power cables and HDMI and all that stuff. Just stick this thing in the HDMI port and its good to go. I am not sure yet from what I have been reading if it comes with its own remote or relies on you connecting your universal remote to it. Also with it being behind the television Not sure how the signal would get back there. Looks great and depending on the price I would like to get my parents one.