Romanian Hacker Broadcasts eBay Customer Accounts

eBay has confirmed that, early on the morning of March 8 EST, an alleged Romanian hacker calling himself "Born_To_Scam_American_Guys" posted records for 15 eBay users on an eBay forum for between 40-60 minutes before the company removed them. The posts were put up on the Trust & Safety board. According to other forum members who claimed to have taken part in the discussion and begged eBay to take down the information, the hacker signed in under a hijacked account and began taunting others, with the final result being the posting of the 15 accounts.

According to, a site dedicated to eBay watching, the post that kicked it all off appeared at 1:52 EST on the forum. The initial post, according to, reads: "read many opinions here.... All I saw it's just [misspelled obscenity]....Alot of things about scamms..stupid things I think. Romanian guys are the best boys !!!! We are in each country...each city...and every day alot of money from your pocket intro in pur bank accounts....You know why ?? I will tell you my opinion...because you are so stupid ..... anyone can scam you very easy....not only with fake escrow and shipping websites....

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News source: eWeek

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tunafish and Praeses: indeed, I think it's a thing that comes with the age.

Dakkaroth : first of all don't degenerate with this kind of crap. :mad: He's just another stupid kid with too much time to rub mint (it's like a national sport, more of an expression as in 'sitting and doing nothing all day'). He may not get caught now, nor tomorrow but one day he will make a mistake that will cost him his freedom and when that day comes he will learn what others that have been imprisoned (not that I did): freedom is priceless and doing something illegal will only get you in trouble. Oh, and will learn how to bend over, pick up the soap and so on (you got my drift) while being incarcerated (again, not that I have being involved in this kind of crap, nor I've tried). He's ass is on the line.

Believe it or not he is right. Not on the fact that all Romanian kids are smart (he proves the contradiction) but on the fact that people (usually Americans are lazy and don't have either secure passwords (or at all), trust any website that states will not use/lend/sell any of it's information to a 3rd party, and so on. You people got a lot of security issues and I can't blame him for trying but I don't get it why people like you insult US ALL just cos one guy did something stupid.

Take a joke, bud. The fact that he would be mad at Firefox 2.0 not being released in the Romanian language is preposterous, hence joke.

redwingsmonk said,
Sad, the technology of romanian script kiddies comes no where close to the 733t5 we have here in America.

You are an ignorant wonder you're American...

America, the land of ignorance.