Ron Johnson's jcpenney is moving to Office 365

Ron Johnson may not be as common as the name Steve Jobs but in the world of Apple, he is credited with driving the company’s retail roll-out which quickly set the benchmark for industry best practices. After helping Apple to rapidly expand and dominate its retail presence, Johnson was snagged by jcpenney to help revitalize the aging brand with hopes of growing the company in the same way he did at Apple.

Despite his history with Apple, Ron Johnson’s company has announced that they will be moving to Office 365, which is another notch in the belt for Microsoft who has made a string of high profile announcements for large organisations moving to its cloud based Office suite.

Kristen Blum, chief technology officer, jcpenney, had the following to say about making the move to Office 365:

“In selecting a cloud solution, we were looking for a partner who would support our goal of becoming America’s favorite store,” said Kristen Blum, chief technology officer, jcpenney. “And when we realized that we could improve customer service even more by providing cloud-based collaboration tools to increase communication between team members, it was easy to choose Microsoft and Office 365.”

Now we know that Johnson would have a hard time going into a corporation and convincing the company to switch from Windows to OS X, it still feels a bit ironic that their CEO, who made his fame at Apple, is making a big switch internally to Office 365.

Considering that jcpenney has 177,000 employees and more than 1000 stores, this is a big move for the company and a big win for Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

Source: Microsoft

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company's retail roll-out which quickly set the benchmark for industry best practices.
> Huh, best practices? Or do you mean they set a trend. Certainly not a best practice.

it still feels a bit ironic that their CEO, who made his fame at Apple, is making a big switch internally to Office 365.
> He is responsible for retail experience, not IT, the Office365 move is about stream lining the companies IT.

Another thing, we need to stop finding these things strange. Tim Cook prefers Excel over numbers. Steve Jobs used Windows 95 for a while a on a ThinkPad before retuning to Apple. Microsoft has been a long time partner of Apple for many years. Apple bundled Internet Explorer in Mac OS from version 8.0 to 10.3.

You have many Apple customers who run Windows through Boot Camp. Office365 natively supports Safari.

What is the big deal?

I recommend both. However Office is clearly the better option. Google App's has some nice stuff but Microsoft's Exchange is pretty much an industry standard product for messaging.

The only thing I prefer on Google is the collaboration.

Shikaka said,
Hmm would people recommend Google Apps or Office 365?

Doesn't Office 365 come with desktop apps + cloud counterparts? Google Apps is not even in the same league then.

Just so you know, the company I worked for (a large corporation) switched to Google a year ago, and we've experienced nothing but pure headaches and major drop in productivity. Lost documents, emails and attachments not being received, MAJOR compatibility issues, etc. There's an even an internal petition going on to switch back to Office because of how bad it's gotten here. Google is definitely not business-ready unless you're doing very very basic things. All in all, Office 365 is the best bang for your buck.

I'm not a small business but I signed up for the $8 a month Enterprise account that gives me Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint. I did it after attending the SharePoint conference in November because I liked what I saw and while I did it for SharePoint to host my pictures on Microsoft's cloud, I'm also learning more about SharePoint as I'm the admin for our farm at work. I really like it and hope to add my wife and kids in the future so they can access these services as well. But I really like the fact that I can create as many SharePoint accounts as I need for relatives and friends to access my farm.