Rumor: Amazon to ship over 1 million of its tablets this year?

Apple still blows away all other companies in terms of sales of tablet devices. It seems like most people who want a tablet still want an iPad even if the product doesn't have 4G wireless connections or support for Flash-based web sites. For months there have been rumors that Amazon is looking to follow up the sales success of its e-Reader, the Kindle, with its own tablet device. Now a new report claims that Amazon is gearing up to launch the tablet with over 1 million units planned to ship.

The report comes from the busy Taiwan-based Digitimes web site. It claims that shipments of the unannounced tablet device will be between 1 to 1.2 million units in the current third quarter. According to the story that means that Amazon will ship more units of its tablet than any other company besides Apple and its iPad. By comparison, tablets from HP (TouchPad) Samsung (Galaxy Tab) and RIM (Blackberry Playbook) will only ship between 750,000 and 900,000 in the quarter. Motorola's Xoom will ship even less, around 400,000 a quarter. The story claims that Apple will ship between 14 million and 15 million iPads in the quarter.

There have been lots of rumors about what the tablet will have inside when it is released. Most agree it will have the Android operating system but some have speculated there will be two versions; a smaller one with a dual processor and a larger 10 inch one with Nvidia's upcoming quad-core processor inside.

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nobody wants crappy android (java virtual machine software,lol what a freakin joke). most android phones sold are basically dumbphones,those free ones they give away.its basically a j2me based phone. nothing substantial in terms of software will run on them, only little crappy apps that are comparable to j2me midlets. keep inflating the numbers google, but your software is crap, buggy,slow,malware infested fragmented pile of garbage. your development tools are weak. the platform is a piracy paradise. nobody can sell anything on there because it all gets stolen, just like all the intellectual property that is stolen to create the os.

Just get on and release the dam thing then or give out some specs, a 7-8" honeycomb one would be great.

I wonder how locked down this will be though

All this does is shows that people don't seem to want android tablets like they've been buying phones because for the most part, a "tablet" to most people still seems to be a portable PC like a netbook etc while when it comes to phones they really don't care what it's running as long as it does what they want it to do.