Rumor: Apple survey indicates potential streaming feature for iTunes?

The certainty that we will see an updated line of iPods at Apples event this Wednesday is continually growing. However, it is still uncertain if we will be treated to the full unveiling of the new version of AppleTV.

The details are currently slim, but according to Engadget, “[…] if you're feeling optimistic, a new Apple iTunes customer survey seems to offer a tiny little hint -- it lists "Titles are available to watch instantly" as a reason you might totally love watching video on the iPad.”

It is fairly obvious that you can’t watch videos instantly on iTunes at the moment, so this iPad survey seems to indicate that it is a potential future feature. Another major factor that lends itself to the fact that this could be a new feature for iTunes is that even AppleTV requires a lot of buffering before playback.

Rumors of a streaming feature for iTunes have been circulating for a long time now. BusinessInsider reported as long ago as February 2009 that Apple may have been working on streaming movies to the iPhone. It is clear that it is a very desirable feature for iTunes.

On the other hand, this very well might be a misunderstanding. It may mean nothing other than the fact that Apple is gathering ideas for the future. Although that could be true, we are certainly hoping that this is indicative of a streaming feature for iTunes.

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OK, I found the Engadget article (the correct link is : ).

The question says: "What are the primary reasons for your satisfaction with the video content you've purchased or rented from iTunes and watched on the iPad?". (note the past tense, hence they are not talking about an upcoming feature) The answer in question says "Titles are available to watch instantly".

Note that they are talking about videos that are purchased or rented. Those files, once saved on the iPad ARE "available to watch instantly".

I'm thinking that the Engadget writer is reading WAY too much into this (or maybe, considering his name is Nilay Patel, English might not be his native language, so he is misunderstanding what the survey says).

Good news, iTunes definitely needs an ability to stream your library over wireless/3g without the use of a 3rd party app.

The AppleTV requires a lot of buffering? Maybe it's my FiOS connection, but HD videos are generally ready to play (and never have to stop to buffer) in about 10-15 seconds here.

You should have probably mentioned that Apple bought Lala, a music streaming service ages ago - so its definitely on the cards at some point