Rumor: Apple to ditch plastic casing for its next two larger iPhones in 2014

The plastic case used for the iPhone 5c may be going the way of the dodo for Apple's next smartphones. A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Apple will use metal casings similar to the 5s for its two upcoming iPhone models.

The same report repeats previous rumors that Apple will offer consumers larger screens for the next iPhones compared to the current 4-inch design. The story says one of them will have a display that's larger than 4.5 inches. That model is supposedly deep in development and being prepped for mass production, according to the WSJ. The other new iPhone is rumored to have a screen bigger than 5 inches, with some older rumors claiming it will be as large as 5.7 inches. The WSJ claims the bigger model is still in the preliminary stages but both will be out sometime in 2014.

The two new phones won't have a curved display, according to the article, which goes against some previous rumors. The article does offer a caveat, claiming that Apple's plans for the next iPhone are not yet final and could change.

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via Apple

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Oh, so the cult refused to be brainwashed to buy "unapologethic plastic" after years of ridiculing the competition for using squeaky plastic?

How unfortunate.

3.5 to about 4" was the perfect size for 1 handed operation.

Although the market seems to like larger screens, so Apple needs to go down this route.

Be interesting to see how Apple versus Google wars bear out when there are the same larger screen sizes, same cpu, storage etc and the only differentiating matter is the software.

Nexus1974 said,
3.5 to about 4" was the perfect size for 1 handed operation.

That depends on the size of the hand...

Seriously tho, I have quite small hands - for a guy. And I think 4.3 inches (S4 mini) is about the upper limit for me for 1-handed use. 4.5 is starting to get a bit stretchy. But then less than 4 inches is too small and mis-taps get more common.

Those with average to larger male hands I would imagine going for 5-5.5 inches would be better - less chance of mashing multiple buttons on the screen.

The average woman would prefer the current iPhone size tho, I imagine...

You better because the 5C was a total and uttered failure. Not everyone can sell plastic phones. Once you go metal, there is no turning back. You either stay plastic or go metal and stay that way.

I think the plastic casing was a great idea, but with Apple's high production standards, the cost was way too high for consumers, also limited colors was a factor. I think the tradeoff was limited sales because of this. I'm betting there is a big reason Apple wasn't able to lower the cost of the 5c, not just for profits, but I'm thinking with Apple's standards they just couldn't compete with the costs that Nokia for instance is able to do.

This is a cool article with a TON of insight. Can we please see this same rumor weekly on every website? That would be awesome...

Apple is playing catch up again. Finally getting into the phablet market. I am sure they will "revolutionize" it with a bigger, "magical" screen. Cant wait for this press conference...

On a side note, is it /t for troll or is it /troll?

Scabrat said,
Apple is playing catch up again. Finally getting into the phablet market. I am sure they will "revolutionize" it with a bigger, "magical" screen. Cant wait for this press conference...

On a side note, is it /t for troll or is it /troll?

Only Samsung has what it takes to make Magical Moments Come Alive.

I know you were kidding with your comment. I was only kinda kidding with mine....

Thats the Apple way, though, always has been. Most if not all of their innovations have been from other products all ready out, they just make them better.

I bet the 5C was a test run to see if people liked the colorful iPhones, and I'm guessing the final consensus was a big "NO".

Edited by Astra.Xtreme, Jan 23 2014, 8:23pm :

It wasnt a test run they thought that they could offer a "cheaper" iphone which had the same hardware as the 5 to people and theyd lap it up but the price difference especially on contract was to small for people to not want the 5S, so that was a massive fail on there part so no point in them trying to offer another "cheap" iphone so sounds like there trying an expensive one and more expensive (phablet style) one!

The same material in the iPhone 5 would be perfect for me. I didn't get the 5S, so this would be great timing for me.

Buttus said,
it's good that they're finally getting away from steve job's idea of a good screen size!

Only as long as the option will remain to buy smaller screens that allow for one-handed usage...even on the 5s I find it slightly uncomfortable to reach the upper left corner with my thumb, which worked perfectly fine on previous models..

That's because it's so ridiculously long and skinny - my S3 mini has the same nominal screen size, 4 inches - yet it's more square, 16:10 instead of 16:9. I can get my thumb to the top of the screen much more easily on it than I can the iPhone 5, and being more square it actually has slightly more usable screen area.

I bet they go back to the standard aspect ratio for these bigger phones...