Rumor: Apple to launch 12-inch Retina MacBook in 2014

While we wait for Apple to officially launch "Mavericks," its latest OS X update, the company is supposed to be working on some new Mac hardware products for launch in 2014. That's the word from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, who sent out a research note today with the claim about Apple's future hardware plans. reports that, according to Kuo, Apple is working on a 12-inch MacBook with a Retina display for a launch in the second or third quarter of 2014. His note claims that the laptop will be thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air; he says the laptop will feature a new clamshell design and will have an Intel processor. The notebook could also cost less than current Apple laptops. Kuo claims that the 12-inch MacBook  could "redefine laptop computing" as the MacBook Air did several years ago.

Kuo's research note also says that Apple will release a new iMac in 2014 that will be cheaper than the current version, which apparently didn't ship as many units as Apple expected. He also claims the sixth-generation iPad will have a higher resolution display but keep the 9.7-inch screen.

Source: | Image via Apple

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Gotenks98 said,

When you factor in the huge unjustifiable mark up and the fact that its made from slave labor you would have tons of profit everyone did this.

...and everyone does do that. Companies are not charities.

omgben said,

...and everyone does do that. Companies are not charities.

I get that but Apple does it to the extreme. Seriously dont mark something up like 400%+ and expect it to be ok. I know when I bought my mac in 2011 the ram would have been easily $200+. I paid only $50 because I did the upgrade myself. I could see if it had been $100 extra but not $200 extra thats what I mean. For basic stuff like this there does not need to be an extreme mark up. Whats worse is that now that the majority of parts are soldered in they force you bend over and take it on the new macs.

Disagree, even still there are not product with compete with the performance or make of the MacBook Air. I know people who have PC's and still buy a MacBook Air and love it. It is still the best ultrabook/notebook around at the moment I would say.

What kind of hardware can they fit in a Macbook Pro while at the same time being thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air? Isn't the Pro supposed to be higher-end?

Unfortunately for users like you, I think the idea here would be to have the 12" Retina Air replace both the 11" and 13" as a compromise, and then they'll streamline the lineup.

A single 12" Macbook Air to replace the 11" and 13" models would be great. While I love the portability of the 11" it is just that little bit too small whereas a 12" would be that sweet spot as I find the 13" just a tiny bit too big. My perfect Macbook Air would be a 12". Haswell i5 or i7, 8 or 16 GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, 12 hour (or better) battery life, at least 2 USB3 ports and of course a retina display That would be an amazing laptop!

Not sure what you want to gauge that on because if we're talking about amount sold or customer satisfaction, neither of those are disappointing.

So there's an 11" and a 13" and somehow a 12" will revolutionize things? I was to move to Cupertino just so I can get in on whatever they're smoking. I mean, yeah it sounds like it'll be nice as most of their hardware is but "redefine" is a bit strong. Geez it's just a laptop.

You'd like to smoke what they do at Cupertino for having the wild idea of improving upon the MacBook Air series? I think it's you who've been smoking here.

I find it amazing how people refer to the retina display on apple products as amazing when, it was when it first launched, but is inferior to other high end mobile displays on the market currently but becuase it has a cool name the millions of ppl that buy it dont have a clue and the few 1000 ppl that know keep quiet!!! brand loyalty guess its as basic human emotion... stick to the thing you think you love!!!

How is the Retina Display inferior? I've yet to see anything better it. The only display that was just as high quality was the screen on the Vaio Z, which no longer exists sadly.

take a look at the specs on amoled and lcd 2 there way better, people think its good cus its got a fancy name but really apple just dont care, theyve done there "special" screen for 2 decades and will let it ride

psionicinversion said,
take a look at the specs on amoled and lcd 2 there way better, people think its good cus its got a fancy name but really apple just dont care, theyve done there "special" screen for 2 decades and will let it ride

It's good because it's good. Not because if the name.

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