Rumor: Ashton Kutcher may soon be promoting Lenovo Windows 8 PCs

Actor Ashton Kutcher is known to be a fan of gadgets and technology. Now there's word that the man best known for his sitcom roles in That 70's Show and Two and a Half Men is close to signing an deal with Lenovo that could see Kutcher promoting its lineup of Windows 8 PCs.

Would you buy a Windows PC based on ads showing this guy?

The New York Post, citing unnamed sources, claims that the Lenovo endorsement deal is worth $10 million to the actor. If and when Kutcher signs on the dotted line, it's likely that he will appear in ads for Lenovo's lineup of ThinkPad and Yoga Windows 8 notebooks and tablets.

Kutcher is certainly no stranger to appearing in gadget themed TV commercials. He's been featured in a number of Nikon camera ads for the past few years. However, if this this story is true, it will be odd to see him promote a Windows 8 PC on TV knowing that he also portrayed the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, in the biopic called simply Jobs. That long awaited film is finally slated to be released to theaters on August 16th.

Source: New York Post | Image via Wikipedia

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COKid said,
This bloke is such a shill.

And you wouldn't promote a product for 10 million dollars? I'd promote a robot that rapes kittens for 10 Million and do it with a smile.

stevenoz said,
I hate it when people sell-out to the highest payer on issues I care about...

I think the key here is that YOU care about, what he cares about is his career and checking account, probably doesn't much care who makes his electronics

stevenoz said,
I hate it when people sell-out to the highest payer on issues I care about...

Dude you gotta chill. Would I care if I saw Seinfeld making Apple ads? That's what they do.

stevenoz said,
I hate it when people sell-out to the highest payer on issues I care about...

Pecunia not olet........ (Money does not smell....)

UltraKill said,
No Talent No Skills Douchebag Of The Highest Degree....

I couldn't have said that any better!

I absolutely hate this idiot and I will NEVER buy a Lenovo just because of him now. Not that I would've any way, as I have a Lenovo that is nothing but a POS compared to my other laptops!

I have a list made up of companies that make absolutely ridiculous and clueless commercials that I will never buy anything from just because of their stupid commercials. I figure if they can't hire some one with more intelligence then what their commercial shows, their product has to be as dumb!

Microsoft is a company that is very close to being on that list as they make some of the dumbest commercials to ever air also!

''I often play superficial characters. Fools that care too much about looks and not enough about substance. In real life I'm different. I want to be productive and I want to be entertaint. Windows 8 is the operating system all of my alter egos would use, if they were alive that is. I'm Ashton Kutcher and this commercial just butthurt millions of iFans.''

Maybe not Nikon, but perhaps that particular model of camera. I'm not a camera enthusiast though so I can't speak to the product in regards to quality.

PmRd said,
Steve Jobs wants to sell us Windows 8 PCs!

I do not think that the choice of him as a testimonial has nothing to do with the roles he played but with his popularity, inexplicable to me, among teenagers.
Said that and if the rumor is true it is interesting that Lenovo seems targeting younger customers.