Rumor: Big Playstation 3 announcement on October 5?

Sony's Playstation division is having a little bit of viral Internet fun for fans of its Playstation 3 console. Today the official Playstation channel on YouTube has posted up a rather mysterious and short clip that seems to show elements from a number of PS3 game franchises. The live action video, which you can see below, starts out with two World War II-style US Army paratroopers landing in a forest and then moving to enter some kind of castle.

That part of the video is pretty straightforward. Then it gets ..., well, weird. The soldiers enter a room and then approach what looks like a hotel registration desk with a woman behind said desk. One of the soldiers puts something (the video doesn't make clear what it is) in a dish in front of the woman. While all of this is going on, you can see subtle hints to a number of Playstation games in the room including titles like LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid and Twisted Metal. You might even hear an alarm from the Resistance series. The soldiers then turn over their weapons and enter another room in the castle. That's where the video ends with the 10-5-11 date and the Playstation 3 and Playstation Network logos.

So what in the wild world is going on here? Some are speculating it might have something to do with the upcoming PS Vita portable console. Some are also speculating it might be a new redesign of the Playstation 3 console itself. It could also be something completely different and out of left field. We should find out in about nine days.

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I say the Vita release date and launch game lineup for Europe and North America! If you remember, they did say that that announcement was coming very soon!

I thought about it and I agree with you. The first thing that comes to mind is the PC GAMING IS NOT DEAD from Razer. Underwhelmed and expected on top of that.

Somebody commented on the video that you could see Kratos' face between the 5 and 11 in the pretty much final frame.

Definitely saw something there, but not sure what/who it was.

ya me thinks its the boogie man..

smartin0115 said,
Somebody commented on the video that you could see Kratos' face between the 5 and 11 in the pretty much final frame.

Definitely saw something there, but not sure what/who it was.

Epik Fayle said,
They are announcing Playstation's version of Smash Bros. They are also currently working on a cart racer using PS3 Move. Lol

Sackperson vs. Kratos would be epic, lol.

the video seems to hint at something that has to do with more than one type of game.

if you pay attention to the weapons rack where the soldiers place their guns, there is an axe that looks like it's from Ratchet and Clank and at least 2 weapons from the Resistance game series - which to me means it will impact more than one game. And leaving their weapons at the door also means it's a neutral zone.

also, when the two guys open the door into the other room you hear a lot of chatter - which could represent a community gathering.

So cross-game chat seems very likely, but why make this into such a big deal?

As for the faded out figure you see during the last 2 seconds of the clip... def not Kratos. The guy in the video looks too husky, while Kratos is more on the fit side.

oh oh, how did I miss this....

when they are entering the building.. there is a twisted metal truck outside (on the left in the shadows) - more indicators that the announcement will impact more than one game.

(sorry for the comment spam but...)
as soon as they enter the building... if you look to the bottom right (where this is an old dog on the floor) you will notice Mk II (aka: mini Rex) from Metal Gear Solid runs off the screen to hide.

actually... the "Sony Smash Bros." idea isn't that far-fetched based on all the hints they show in that teaser video.

and sony does have a very healthy list of characters which would make a pretty nice roster.

hhm... I beter stop speculating before I hype my self up just to be let down :-p

Respawn Entartainement is finally releasing a game or we'll all have to "pay to play" PSN since the gal made the two dudes pay up (there's money in the tray)!! haha

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