Rumor: Call of Duty creators' next game is 'next Xbox' exclusive

Microsoft likely wants to make a big splash with the launch of its next Xbox game console. While we are still over three weeks away from its official reveal, unconfirmed rumors about the hardware and software behind the successor to the Xbox 360 have been posted on the Internet for months.

Today, a new rumor about the next Xbox has been posted and this time the report is about a possible game exclusive. Kotaku, via unnamed sources, claims that the first game from developer Respawn Entertainment will be an exclusive for Microsoft's console. Respawn is the team that was founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella in 2010; the two men previously founded Infinity Ward and were the main creative forces behind Activision's Call of Duty shooter series. West has since left Respawn but Zampella is still there, along with a number of other former Infinity Ward team members.

The game itself, which will be published by Electronic Arts, is said to be a sci-fi multiplayer action game featuring players controlling both foot soldiers and giant mech-like vehicles called Titans, but with a lot more agility than other mech vehicles in other games. Respawn has yet to officially state anything about their game but did say recent they would be showing something at E3 2013 in June.

Source: Kotaku | Image via Respawn Entertainment

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Chugworth said,
From the Call of Duty creators... published by Electronic Arts...

Interest level: 0

aaaaand DLCs by Activision.

Interest level: -10

PsYcHoKiLLa said,
Well they can go to hell then, they got where they are thanks to PC players and then they sh*t on em? Well go fug yoselfs!

A. It's Kotaku.
B. It's a rumor.
C. They only mentioned consoles.

It sounds like BF2142.... They are going the path of Battlefield by adding in Titans and other mountable units? lol
Whats next, massive big open war fare maps? jet airplanes (or space ships)? Aircraft carrier as spawn point? destroyable buildings?

The "Titan" you're thinking of from Battlefield 2142 is a large airborne fortress. The "Titan" mentioned in the article is a highly agile mech.

I'm interested in what Respawn Entertainment is working on. A lot of developers have made first-person shooters over the years and the number of unique ideas is diminishing. With that said, I'd prefer larger maps with areas that open up as you progress through the environment.

the "tank" in BF2142 was an agile mech type vehicle as well. When I read this I saw elements of BF2142, MechWarrior, Halo and well just about any other FPS. However if somebody makes a good game i'm always interested in playing.

I also prefer large maps with progressive environments which is why I like Rush Mode in battlefield so much. I prefer game types that "force" the teams into choke points and objective based battle rather than mindless killing for points.

I meant the walkable robots that look like they where copied from War of the worlds the tripods, been a while since i played it.

I am interested in what they will bring, but I enjoyed CoD for being completely different from BF, would be a waste if both games will be similar in the end

I rather see many new coop missions Enjoyed that the most of CoD so far.

Hey! Nothing wrong with 'multiplayer'....just 'online-multiplayer'. I'm totally ok with games that I can play with a mate or 3 locally. I am sick to death of console games that are for online multiplayer...just don't care, I have a PC for that, where I can comfortable chat (yay for keyboards eh?) to other players.

Zombies/horde style multiplayer -> awesome
I see you first you die, ADD spawn-killing lag fest? pass.

CoD is an appalling game and needs to die, BF3 is a modern FPS done properly (oh look dedicated servers, funny that) and I'm not saying it's perfect but at least it's fun/balanced and doesn't require running round a tiny map like a headless chicken.