Rumor: HTC & Vodafone to make Google Android phone

Word has been spreading around the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona that Google will tomorrow (Tuesday) announce the second phone to be manufactured that runs on its Android mobile operating system. According to reports, the phone will be manufactured by HTC and available in Europe exclusively on the Vodafone network.

The G2, also known as the HTC Magic or HTC Pioneer, is expected to feature WiFi, GPS and HSPA connectivity, contain a 3.2 megapixel camera (although without a flash), and feature an on-screen keyboard - available through Android's "Cupcake" update - unlike the previous T-Mobile G1 phone which has a physical slide-out keyboard.

Pocket-lint report that HTC and Vodafone both refused to confirm these rumours when asked today, but that another source informed them to expect an announcement first thing on Tuesday morning. They reveal that "HTC refused to neither confirm or deny that they would be launching an Android powered handset at the show, however with two Windows Mobile-powered handsets announced on Monday that could still be a possibility." Vodafone were also cryptic in their response and a spokesperson told Pocket-lint, "We will give you plenty of notice, you'll have to look out at the press office for a call to a press conference if there is one," going on to neither confirm or deny that there would be a press conference.

[Image source: Boy Genius Report]

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