Rumor: HTC to showcase smartwatch at private event during MWC

HTC has been reported to be working on a number of wearable devices and is now rumored to showcase a smartwatch to its partners and carriers in a private event held at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to the report from Bloomberg, the HTC smartwatch prototype is based on the Toq smartwatch developed by Qualcomm which means it will feature Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology, Bluetooth connectivity, a music player and additional features that HTC develops. Another smartwatch using Google Now technology is also in works with an OLED screen but it may not be the one that will be shown off at the event, say Bloomberg's sources.

HTC is also working on a bracelet which acts as a music player and a smart wristband with a thin touch-screen display, music player and fitness features, but these devices are even more unlikely to be released to the public.

Samsung first unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch in October of 2013 but hasn't been successful with the concept, now, with HTC's ongoing smartphone struggles it will be interesting to see how the company plans to enter the relatively small market of wearable devices.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via DigitalTrends

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Well, I personally don't think they have the spare time to be diving into this when they should be focusing on phones fully.

Hopefully HTC have learned Samsung's lesson here. There is a large market (IMO) for smart watches, but not as full featured devices, nor as proprietary devices (a la Galaxy Gear).

From a smart watch, I'd just want basic functionality for quickly performing tasks that I'd rather not take my phone out of my pocket for. Changing the track on my music player, looking at an incoming text message or email, rejecting phone calls, and a watch face. I don't want games, cameras, speakers, or any of that jazz.

Make it small, make it simple, make it cheap, and make it last a long time on battery (I have no intention of recharging my smartwatch every 18 hours like I do my phone) and you've got yourself a sale. Pebble has the right idea in this regard IMO.

Majesticmerc said,
There is a large market (IMO) for smart watches...

Is there really? All I see is hype but no demand.

jakem1 said,

Is there really? All I see is hype but no demand.

As I said, thats just my opinion, but I could be wrong. Few people want a smartphone peripheral that costs £400 and only works on Samsung Galaxy phones; but a device-agnostic smartwatch that costs £150 and lasts for 7-14 days without charge? I could certainly get on board with that.