Rumor: Hulu to finally launch ad-free video service?

When the Hulu streaming video web site launched, one of its big attractions was that people could watch both classic and current episodes from a wide variety of TV series with not nearly as many ads placed in between episode acts. However, Hulu's biggest rival Netflix, lets its uses access a large number of TV shows for one monthly fee and with no ads at all. Now it looks like Hulu is at least considering creating a version of its service that will do away with its ads.

GigaOM reports, that according to Twitter messages sent by Hulu's support group, "We're currently an ad-supported service but looking into the option of a higher price ad-free version." Hulu currently offers a $7.99 a month premium service, Hulu Plus. However, subscribers to that service still have to deal with ads that run in between the acts of the TV episodes. Instead, the premium service allows its users to access the full season of the most recent TV shows along with Hulu Plus exclusive shows. It also allows users to watch Hulu videos from more devices besides the PC, including tablets, smartphones, game consoles, set top boxes and more.

If Hulu does decide to launch a totally ad free version of its service, it will likely be much more of a competitor to Netflix. That company is currently dealing with the fallout caused by its recent decision to raise the prices of its streaming and DVD mail order rental subscriptions by 60 percent.

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Isn't the current AD-FREE netflix sub for streaming only 7.99?. I dont see the value in paying 7.99 just to watch an episode a few days earlier, and I certainly cant see paying for it when I can get a torrent of the show completely ad-free as well... so.. whatever.

I wouldn't mind a ad at the start and finish of the program, similar to what Hallmark and TCM do...this program is brought to you by then when finished this program has been presented by.

Glad to see this. I'm a Hulu+ subscriber and it utterly ****es me off that there are ads on content that I already pay for. If it were free then fine. Show ads. But if I'm paying then no ads. I already complained to their support people about this. I guess I wasn't the only one. I've been considering cancelling my subscription since I don't think the benefits aren't worth it but if they go ad-free then I'm staying for sure.

KingCrimson said,
Hulu++? I'm already paying $8/month and they want more?

Yes, that greedy, unprofitable company with rumors of it being bought out is possibly considering a third tier of service that costs more to wipe out ads.

Jeez, I swear 99% of the opinions on the internet are held by ignorant children that have never worked anything more complicated than fast food or retail sales before.

Would Hulu cost more than Netflix to be ad free? Absolutely! Why? Because they have NEWER content than Netflix. You can go to Hulu and watch the most recent episodes of Family Guy--you can't do the same thing on Netflix. The cost of service has far less to do with the quantity of content than it has to do with the VALUE of the content, and as far as rights holders are concerned, new content is worth infinitely more than old stuff they don't even broadcast anymore.

And it is. Of course it's worth more. It's the content people whine about not being able to get. It's the reason people are betching about the story on Fox's 8-day window on content--they don't want to wait, they hate waiting, they want new content and they want it ASAP. That, right there, is value, and it costs.

People don't seem to realize that the strong desire they feel for content that makes them shake their fists and threaten to pirate is a desire that businesses are aware of and look for ways to monetize.

Memnochxx said,

Except Hulu+ is not free.

8 bucks a month is not a lot and it's a lot cheaper then getting cable. Your going to get ads for that much and Hulu is not making any money yet. I can understand if it was for 20 bucks. When I move out, I'm going to get Hulu + to avoid the 50+ buck a month for regular cable.