Image of Nokia's Android phone prototype Normandy leaked [Update with Android skin UI]

The rumors about Nokia creating an Android-based smartphone, code named "Normandy", have been going on for a few months now. They have been fueled in part by images posted on the Internet that allegedly show renders of the device. Today, a Twitter account showed off what it claimed is a photo of an actual prototype Normandy phone.

The photo, posted by "Seamissu", shows that the device has a lone back button on the bottom, which is consistent with the previous leaked images of the Normandy. However, today's new leaked photo also has a rubber case that surrounds much of the device and therefore blocks the view of most of the phone's design and features.

Naturally, Nokia has not been commenting at all about the Normandy rumors and photo leaks, and there's no word on if the smartphone will ever be developed and released beyond its prototype stage. Nokia is still awaiting the final notification on when its deal to sell its Devices and Services division to Microsoft will go final. It's supposed to close by the end of the first quarter of 2014.

Update: Yet another Nokia Normandy image has leaked via Chinese blogger Zhang Zhicheng and this one reportedly shows the Android app launcher UI for the device, although it may just be a placeholder since it looks rather primitive.

Source: Seamissu on Twitter via GSM Arena | Image via Seamissu

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The dual sims literally leave space for a single notification in the top. 2 if you unmute the phone. That is horrible, horrible design.

How long is Evleaks going to milk this story? Getting real tired and bored by the weekly "reveals" on this POS and the circle jerk by bloggers over this phone that won't even make it to the market.

Yawn, no matter how many people say it Android is not the saving grace for phone makers. The only one making money of Andoird are Google, Samsung and Microsoft (license fee's per phone sold)

The uncertainty is funny, the phone and devices sale means just that, including factories etc.

Nokia will not be making phones or devices soon, ms will own that aspect of the company

This is not a phone running Android OS, it is running an OS which is a fork from Android.

But the whole discussion is pointless as this model has been shot down by now and certainly will never ever get released under the MSFT flag.