Rumor: Kevin Turner reportedly to be next CEO at Microsoft, followed by Elop

Got the table salt ready? Good., who has about a 50% accuracy rating on Sorsed for getting rumors right, is making a bold claim that Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s current chief operating officer, will be the next CEO of Microsoft.

Turner’s name has been repeatedly tossed around in connection with the top job at Redmond, along with Stephen Elop, Alan Mulally and a few others. According to the report, however, Turner won the race to become the new chief exec. Of course, this comes from a site that has missed the mark previously but they did accurately nail down their most recent rumor that was the merger of Microsoft developer accounts for Windows Phone and Windows Store.

Now, where the story falls apart in our minds, is that the source claims that Turner will only hold the spot for 2-3 years and that Elop will succeed Turner after that time. That’s a short time for a CEO to be installed at a multinational corporation; big companies - and their investors - demand management stability, and Microsoft has previously seen its CEOs remain in position for far longer. 

Elop, of course, was the CEO of Nokia and will be re-joining Microsoft once the acquisition is complete of Nokia’s handset division. Elop’s name was in the running as well for the MS CEO position but many believed he did not have all the credentials to lead Microsoft’s expansive product lines into the next generation. The implication of today's report is that Elop would sit in Turner's shadow, learning the ropes, until he ascends to take the throne in a few years' time.

Of course, make sure to drink a tall glass of water with all the salt you consumed while reading this post, as we won't really know if there's any truth to this rumor until Microsoft officially announces the appointment of its next CEO.

Source: WPdang via: Cnet | image via Microsoft

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GP007 said,

But do they know? Right now people are assuming it's Elop for example but who knows?

I was under the impression we were discussing the scenario described in this article.

Again: I think there's some logic behind it, but it's unlikely. Plus, WPDang getting this information before a major outlet? Not a reasonable situation, IMO.

GP007 said,

But do they know? Right now people are assuming it's Elop for example but who knows?

This is true but if whoever will be the next CEO will be surrounded by an aura of temporality it will not be good. Interreign is always a period of uncertainty.

it's about placating internal power struggle. not a good strategy i know. but good enough to avoid an all-out feces-flinging battle.

Bill is still calling all of the shots behind the scenes; whoever they put here as CEO will just be the public face that gets shown

VOTE FOR BELLFIORE!! He is not CEO Material at this moment but BELLFIORE needs to be the face of Microsoft. He has the look, the energy, the passion and speaks very well publicly. I had a recent conversation with a few senior MS people and many of them liked Mullaly and some liked ELOP and thinks those two are the top picks. But we unanimously agreed on BELLFIORE and that he should be the face of MS. Stephen Elop is one hell of a speaker as well and presents well too.

I do not feel that Kevin Turner will be the next CEO of MS. MS isn't going to hire an interim CEO to train Elop. That would destroy their stock prices if that were announced. As a shareholder I can tell you that I would not be happy with that move. I think Mullaly inspires confidence with investors and Elop is a wildcard at this moment. Nokia shares are doing very well thanks for him. Say what you want but he did not bring the company down. The stock and WP sales have proven him right. Android would have been a disaster for Nokia.

Stephen Elop would be the worst person i would say, as he hasn't been able to do much with nokia in its worst stage, there were rumors Alan Mulally from Ford would be under consideration i guess he could be better, . Neowin should start a poll for this

dranzer006 said,
... Elop .... hasn't been able to do much with nokia in its worst stage .....

He delivered Nokia to Microsoft on a silver platter. Sounds like he did exactly what he was put there to do.

Seriously though, MS can't afford Mulally.
They need a CEO who continues to earn his way, not erode the piggy bank.

Selling a company to another company isn't way to go. He didn't saved the company he just saved his job. Blackberry's new CEO John Chen is more ambitious who has promised to bring it back in next 18 months. if Elop would have had better idea's for Nokia they won't sold off and NO i am not talking about adopting android, Nokia had better projects like MeeGo which were dumped in less than six months.

Let's see I purchased nokia stock at 2.10 a share and right now it's 7.88 as of this moment. Yeah he was horrible right? It's all his fault that he came into a company that was in a free fall right? Give up the ELOP argument. If they thought he did a poor job then he wouldn't even be considered for the position.

Nokia stake raised only because investors are happy with the deal, Microsoft brought them
Not because of Elop's decision But rather because he step down.

You think Elop had nothing to do with it? Really? Hey's it's your opinion. You are entitled.

Are you also on the Trojan Horse bandwagon as well?

lol, I'm not anti Elop but i don't think he is capable to handle Microsoft and after hearing his plans to discontinue bing and xbox, this guy is hell no in my opinion. Bing has been really great since last year, its still doesn't get close to google but it will soon get there. Discontinuing a product just because its not able to get outcome now won't be good idea, Google would be just manipulating search results like it does now.

I am not saying that ELOP is my first choice but he is in my top 3 of choices. Mulally is my first choice and I think MS can afford him but he might want to honor his handshake agreement to stay with Ford through 2014. He and Bill Ford are pretty close and if you can remember back then when Mulallly was announced as CEO for FORD many thought it was the death of Ford. Coming from Boeing was a major concern for the investors, the board and analysts. He proved them wrong didn't he?

Ballmer modeled One Microsoft from One Ford and hence the strong rumors that he would be the top contender for the CEO position.

I use Bing and I enjoy it using daily but Bing has been a losing proposition for MS since it's development. I do hope they succeed in their model but Google's foothold is amazing strong.

From a business perspective many analysts and investors think splitting up Xbox to it's own division, which is profitable now, would be in MS's best interest. Bing is another story as I do not think that discontinuing it would be a wise move but it wouldn't sink the stock either.

With the One Microsoft I think that ELOP can handle it better than he could if it were MS before the new change brought on my Ballmer.

doesn't matter who they get as CEO. What will his philosophy be and what will he bring or take away from the table for the consumer?

Everyone already knows that the new CEO is going to be Oprah Winfrey. They're also putting Dr. Oz in charge of Windows.

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