Rumor: Leaked AMD presentation offers hints of its product future

As AMD tries to go after its long time rival Intel while also dealing with the decline in PC hardware sales, the company has apparently put all of its eggs into its Fusion strategy for its processors. has posted up what it says is a leaked presentation by AMD that goes over what the company could be working on as it develops its Fusion line of processors that combine both CPU and GPU onto one chip.

The Fusion processors will be split up into several catagories, according to the presentation. The G-Series will be used for embedded processors while the C-Series and Z-Series will be used for tablets and "ultra-mobile" notebooks. The E-Series will also be used in ultra-mobile and light notebooks along with small desktop models. Finally the A-series of Fusion will be used for mainstream notebooks, mainstream desktops, and all-in-one PCs along with embedded processors.

In particular, the A-Series of processors is designed to combine a high end quad core CPU with all the features of a discreet DirectX11 GPU, according to another one of the presentation slides. In another one of the slides, AMD claims the A-Series will also have the capabilities to give PCs up to 10 hours of battery life. AMD claims that the technology will allow the CPU to shut down some components that won't be needed to extend the battery life.

Other slides look into AMD's plans for the growing tablet market, claiming that it's Z-Series processor will be able to give tablets DirectX 11 graphics support, the use of Internet Explorer 9 and Microsoft Office 10 and more.

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Fusion sounds great for laptops and low end desktops. Hell, maybe it could be good for HTPCs too, if the graphics aspect isn't too limited.

What a stupid naming system. It's like they picked letters at random. Please AMD can't we just have a simple scheme like in the old days.

Further, the Fusion A-Series could still work with a discrete GPU (and not necessarily AMD, either). There is nothing that says that an integrated GPU must obviate a discrete GPU (not even Intel's Sandy Bridge, let alone G4x and G3x, do that). Given OS support, an integrated GPU and a discrete GPU, from different vendors/brands, can both be used at the same time - and it's far from new technology; Intel's vintage G41 chipset supported it.

there has been some impressive demo's with the E series Fusion processor and modern dx11 games. will take a wait and see mode. but is significantly more performant than any Intel embedded graphics.
grr this was suppose to be a reply to Wolves.
so but will add this. only thing new in the slide is the price point and what intel chips amd is targeting and the g and z series. (although z has been hinted at since the release of c)


Mike Frett said,
I don't see the point for that in Desktops. Not unless that GPU can handle games like World of Warcraft etc.

The A Series stuff can do far, far more than World of Warcraft.

Mike Frett said,
I don't see the point for that in Desktops. Not unless that GPU can handle games like World of Warcraft etc.

World of Warcraft is not that much of a resource hog because my X3100 card can play it, my card is pretty weak...
+1 to randomevent

Mike Frett said,
I don't see the point for that in Desktops. Not unless that GPU can handle games like World of Warcraft etc.
WoW is more cpu and ram dependent, not that much GPU dependent. There's no super realistic effects being used, nor any high detail models for players, gear etc.

I think that AMD is doing some stuff that shows that it has really stepped up its game. Has anyone seen its latest technology? It looks like they're really thinking and innovating here, but then again Intel is doing so too. It seems like the consumer is the real winner here. I would love for both companies to exist in the far future, so they can continue to bring out the innovation in one another.

Windows 8 tablets powered by these processors sound nice... maybe there will be one powered by AMD that is in the ARM architecture too...