Rumor: Microsoft accounts to allow for multiple alias signups soon?

In July, Microsoft launched the first preview version of, its new web email service, which requires signing up with a Microsoft account. At the same time, Microsoft also let users rename their account. In theory, all of the people that choose this option were supposed to retain all of the content they had access to under the account's old name. The older account was supposed to become an "alias" of the new Microsoft account name but users couldn't actually log into the account with that alias when the name changed.

Unfortunately, a few Microsoft account holders later reported they were unable to access their older emails, SkyDrive files, and other content when they changed their account name. It got bad enough that Microsoft decided to disable the account renaming feature in December while the company worked on a solution.

Now is reporting, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft is preparing to offer up a new way for users to access their content. The solution is to let account users set up to 10 different aliases, all of which can be used to sign into the account. One of the aliases can be set up by the account owner to be the primary alias.

The report also claims that this change should eliminate the current requirement for Windows Phone owners to reset their device when they rename their Microsoft account. There's no word yet on when this new alias system might go into effect, and the report claims that Microsoft won't make the change until they are sure that everything works as designed.

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Those this mean we can change a amount to a amount, or just the info that comes before it? What I want to do is the former.

Gungel said,
That's is coming later this year. The existing calendar is still the old Hotmail version.

Thank God. Hopefully we'll have more control over the calendar from WP now too...

This is different from linked accounts. Yes they had aliases before but they temporarily disabled it due the issue the article states.

Just so long as its possible to send email from the alias accounts from Windows Phone, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, and their official Outlook/Hotmail apps.

I had four aliases a few years ago and had to split them off into their own accounts in the end as having to access the website every single time I wanted to send mail from a specific alias got too tedious. If the feature was integrated in their other products it would suddenly become very useful but otherwise not really.

Also, they really should have fixed the Windows Phone login problem with Windows Phone 8 and managed it in the same way Windows 8 does.

You can always send emails from the associated aliases... you shouldn't confuse ALIAS with a LINKED ACCOUNT. Those are different concepts.

You really can't, unless you use the web version.

I mean, sure, there's a setting to reply to emails sent to an alias with the message sent from that alias, but you can't compose a new email on Windows Phone, or Windows 8 and have it sent from the alias.

j2006 said,
You can with this

With what? Still in early December the MS rep confirmed that there a bug and they were working to fix it.