Rumor: Microsoft thought about letting buyers pick Windows Phone or Android for their phone

Microsoft reportedly entertained a proposal that, if it had gone through, might have allowed consumers to pick which mobile OS they would like to have installed on their smartphone.The Information reports that it received confidential documents from an unnamed "potential Windows Phone partner" that went over this plan.

The story (most of which is under the site's subscription wall) claims that the idea would have let a consumer go into a smartphone store, pick their hardware device and then decide if they wanted to have either Windows Phone or Android installed as their OS.

However, the story says the idea was dropped by Microsoft. Apparently, there were simply too many problems that would have to be solved before such a plan could take place, including pure technical issues for OEMs along with marketing concerns for wireless carriers.

A few months ago, there were rumors that Microsoft made a request to HTC, asking the smartphone vendor to allow consumers the choice of installing Windows Phone on their Android devices. The story states that Microsoft was thinking about cutting or doing away with its license fees for Windows Phone as well, with the hope of making this option more attractive to HTC.

Source: The Information

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Funny cause MS makes billions each year on Android licensing fee's. While it would certainly hurt WP sales it would still be money in MS's pocket.

Android, Windows, back to Android, that's how it went for me. Reasons, to many but just changing ringtone, Easy under Android, Windows, a lot harder, when custom that is.

Just make it free. OEMs love the ideas leveraging WP to neutralize googles' mafia like tactics of punishing OEMs that dare to modify android to compete with Google's offerings.

This is news now? Companies think about stupid ideas everyday - the point is - they were smart enough NOT to do it; because it would have destroyed any chance of OS adoption. The rumor that this had to do with OEM issues possibly has plausibility; but it never would have made it much further than that anyway.

So a MFR wanted to release a device that could have WP or Android on the same model. Microsoft thought about it and said no.

I would imagine this type of conversation can be found for any [feature] one could imagine between Microsoft and OEMs.

A "rumor" with only 1 source that's conveniently behind a paywall? I should start my own site and pull whatever I want out my ass about major tech companies since it seems to pass for journalism these days.

Enron said,
Breaking news: Europe orders Microsoft to put an OS ballot on its smartphones!

Except this was nothing of the sort, simply a company that was desperate to stay relevant trying to muscle in on three android market