Rumor: Microsoft to launch iPhone cash trade-in program Friday

Earlier in September, Microsoft launched a program where people could trade in their old iPads in exchange for a gift card worth at least $200 at Microsoft Store retail locations. Now there's word that some Microsoft Stores will start accepting old iPhones for trade as well starting on Friday.

The report comes from Forbes which claims, via unnamed sources, that the credit will come in the form of a Microsoft Store gift card for old iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 models. The idea is for people who get the card to use it for the purchase of a new Windows Phone. So far, Microsoft has not officially commented on the report.

If true, this would be the latest attempt by Microsoft to convince people to trade in smartphones and tablets from Apple and other competitors so they can try out new Microsoft-based products. In addition to the iPad program, Microsoft is working with Clover Wireless on a program that offers up to $350 if a person trades in an older device and then buys a Windows tablet or Windows Phone. Unlike the iPad-Microsoft Store program, the Clover Wireless partnership can be handled via online registration and mailing in the older device.

Source: Forbes | Image via Apple

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How about this MS -- I keep my iPhone, and you pay me to use your crap OS for 1 month? If you pay me enough, then I will lie to people and tell them how good it is.

If they really want it to work they should offer something for damaged devices, this is how my sister was duped.. She dropped her iPhone and it pretty much killed the screen, it was well out of warranty so Apple wanted top dollar to replace it.. she looked up other options and a vendor offered her a SGS4 contract for her iPhone... starting uni this week she was desperate to save cash and now she's filled with regret.

I guess the point is to switch people from Apple to Microsoft, but I do get what you mean. For example if you damaged your Apple device, then you'd probably go and buy another Apple device. I guess it depends on how much Microsoft can make from this, both with getting market share, and with what they can get by moving on those traded devices.

That's the problem with the hidden and cycling debt in the service plan. If you just switch to a prepaid, you'll save enough in a couple months to buy a more reasonably priced phone free and clear. Break it in a few months, no big deal, because you've already saved enough for another one.

surely it would make more sense to trade in your iphone with apple direct (they give £220 in the uk), or asda £240, or even another one who offers £270 amazon vouchers.

Then buy something like a Nexus 5 out right in October for £280 (man I hope its £280)?

I don't see desperation. Desperation would be begging people to come trade in their Apple/Samsung products for a direct trade of greater than equivalent value of a Microsoft product. This is just a good move. If I was looking to switch from iPhone to WP, why would I NOT heed this offer?

Albert said,
the desperation just keep on piling. lol.
Seriously? What about when Apple does it? How about Wal-Mart? How about Best Buy? How about Amazon?

Also why is MS desperate and no one else is? Are you eve aware of this fact - Nokia has never had huge success in the USA with any phones except prepaid Alltel phones and ATT Go Prepay service. NONE of the carriers here carry Nokia phones until Windows Phone. Nokia had stores here that failed. If you look and research, Windows Phone adoption has been very high in many countries like India, China and even Europe.

The USA's dismal sales is not the metric for the whole world.

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