Rumor: New Apple notebook in testing phases

It would appear that Apple is already lining up a new notebook for their Mac range and that this new entry in the range is already in the late testing phases.

Mac Rumors learned of the device, though as would be expected, actual information about the product is difficult to find. At present, it is unclear whether the device will be marketed as an Air or a Pro in the MacBook field. It was only recently that Apple updated and refreshed the MacBook Air range, dropping the price, and removing the original base MacBook from the future Apple line-up.

In either case, the new system offers a 15-inch screen and a thinner design. The MacBook Air series has been noticeably thinner due to its lack of an optical drive, as well as its usage of an SSD in place of a traditional hard disk. If the MacBook Pro was to go down the same route then it is more than likely it would be able to enter the 'ultra-thin' market, as it has been known. This market looks like it will be growing more popular, as the so-called 'Ultrabooks' could be releasing as soon as September, to steal some of Apple's thunder.

In addition to the 15" model that is appearing on the internet it seems that 17" models are also in the works. As Apple updated the MacBook Pro line-up in February 2011, these new devices could be released close to the end of the year, or at the start of 2012. Apple has recently started holding Mac-related events in October during previous years, so it is possible that they will announce these devices at this event.

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Its either got to be a larger Macbook Air line or the next MacBook Pro. I would imagine that they are trying to slim the Pro down even further.

:: Lyon :: said,
I can't imagine what is slimmer than a MacBook Air O_o
Yeah - the current design is as tall as a USB port, and only a bit taller than a Thunderbolt port - it's pretty much as small as it can get. I think the article may mean "thinner than the current MacBook Pro", though?

If they come up with a 15" slim laptop with a 1680x1050 screen and an SSD I would potentially purchase it on release day

Rudy said,
If they come up with a 15" slim laptop with a 1680x1050 screen and an SSD I would potentially purchase it on release day
Why not 1980x1080? It's a norm in Windows world.