Rumor: Nokia could reveal lower priced Lumia phone next week

There are just a few more days until Barcelona once again plays host to the annual Mobile World Congress trade show, where many major smartphone and mobile phone announcements are held. Today, there's a new rumor that Nokia will reveal a new lower priced Lumia smartphone running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS during the show.

Reuters reports that Nokia also plans to announce new and cheap mobile phones made for developing countries that will create competition for phones made by China-based Huawei and ZTE. Details about these new devices have not yet been revealed.

A few weeks ago, listings for two previously unannounced Lumia phones were spotted in a list which originated in Indonesia: the Nokia Lumia 720 (RM-885) and the Nokia Lumia 520 (RM-914). It's more than possible that one or maybe both of these devices will be revealed next week as cheaper versions of currently available Lumia phones.

There's also a rumor that Nokia will reveal plans for a 41 megapixel PureView camera-smartphone, running Windows Phone 8, as part of its MWC product announcements. The phone, known currently by its development codename 'EOS', may make its debut on store shelves in the US this summer.

Source: Reuters | Image via Nokia

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If they can release something that can be sold on pay as you go carriers at the local convenience store, then they'll do a decent job of pulling up the feature phone crowd.

The current Android phones in this space are laughable at best.

Nokia: I have a dream. I want to get 1.5 months ago ordered Lumia 920. Please, start again to sell these devices in Germany.

Trihawk7 said,
I'm starting to get confused about nokias phone line... Maybe I'm a idiot

a little confusing at first

5-6 are low end

7-8 midrange

9 high end

ending with 00 is always WP7

ending with 10 can be WP7.5

and ending with 20 is always WP8

- 3.8" (not everyone wants giant phones)
- WiFi based on 802.11ac-standard (don't think so... but hopefully at least "a")
- Camera like the one in Lumia 920
- Lightweight (100-130g)
- Insanely long battery-life
- NFC (for future compatibility)
- Wireless charging (as a default thing in all their phones really)
- Lovely colors as always.. like the limegreen/yellow-case for Lumia 620

= sold

well the only thing the 620 is missing from your list is the great camera and wireless charging.

1.3.8'' screen
2.a/b/g/n wifi
3. camera not as good as 920
5.10hr talk time
6. NFC included wireless charging
8. there are color covers

francescob said,
Finally. 250€ for the Lumia 620 were way too many, it's not much far from the price of a nexus 4.

Depend on where you live... Here in Norway i can get the Lumia 620 for almost half of what the Nexus 4 costs (1990kr vs 3690kr).

A 520 wouldn't be a surprise but I expect to hear about at least two new phones from them at MWC. We could even get some new WP8 update news as I also expect a MS rep to come out and talk about the OS as well.