Rumor: Nokia to reveal new high end smartphone soon

Nokia has been promoting its Windows Phone-powered Lumia line of smartphones pretty aggressively since last October when the line-up debuted at its Nokia World event. It launched the Lumia 800 in Europe in November and brought the Lumia 710 to the US in January. In March, the company will launch the Lumia 900 in the US.

But does Nokia have yet another mobile phone announcement in the works? That's the word from who reports via unnamed sources that Nokia will reveal at least one new high end smartphone in a few weeks. The reveal will be made at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain which runs from February 27 to March 1.

The article doesn't say if Nokia's new smartphone will use Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system but it does say that the device will have an "unusual software feature normally found only on high end smartphones."

There have been a number of recent Internet rumors about a possible Lumia 910 device which would have the same hardware as the Lumia 900 but with a higher end 12 megapixel rear camera. However, this week Nokia's Damian Dinning, the head of Imaging Experience for Nokia Smart devices, stated on his Twitter page that the Lumia 910 doesn't even exist.

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The last Symbian phone, a symbolic 'bye bye to Symbian' phone essentially. I wish they'd use 720p display and dual core processor etc. to make it "spec nerdly" like N95 was, but they are likely to just use Lumia 900 components since it's cost-effective.

derekaw said,
I am concerned about NOKIA. they just announced more job cuts, things are not looking good.

What the heck are you talking about. I know about the job cuts, and tipped neowin to put up a story, but how can you say that it's not looking good?

It's a move for production efficiency. China has the largest electronics assembly line workforce. Nokia are just capitalizing on it.

It would be much better for them to buy into the Foxconn's of the world than to maintain their own manufacturing.
4k jobs to save 30% on production costs for these devices.
Makes sound business sense to me.

Blame the stupid customers who dump their own slightly older phones and constantly upgrade. Which is why they continue to churn out a new one every 15 days without allowing sufficient lifecycle for the existing product.

it's their dual/quad/hexa core phone runing windows phone 8 obviously. the 900 is last year's phone with a big screen. we have yet to see nokia's 2012 devices and the will be all about windows phone 8.

This could probably be Swipe on S40 / Meltemi or one the one I've been waiting for, a true successor to N8 running Belle/Carla.

Damian Dinning clarified that he didn't say "Lumia 910 does not exist". He only said there's no Lumia 900 with 12 MP camera for AT&T.

His clarification is in this comment here:

For me it means the case with 910 is still open

If MS and Nokia want anyone here to buy the 900 when it comes out in March this mystery phone won't be running Windows. This unknown device has given me pause. I was going to get the 900 @ launch but now will wait to see what this phone is.

Anyone else feel like it's a bit too soon for this? I mean, half the Lumia's that have been released aren't even available in North America. They haven't finished milking the first cow, and they're on to try the next.

For a company who was beginning to fail, they should be focused. Not all over the map.

tell me which company is NOT going to reveal new high end smartphone soon. it's smartphones churning era. nothing new.

Is it just me that I always see Steve Ballmer in that Nokia pic used for example for this news bit on the front page?



S3P€hR said,

go symbian go (sarcastic)

Why sarcastic? Symbian is a decent OS with a long history and with the newest upgrades it runs better then another *cough* OS out there atm.

alwaysonacoffebreak said,

Why sarcastic? Symbian is a decent OS with a long history and with the newest upgrades it runs better then another *cough* OS out there atm.

they have been more than pleased with the lumia sales. selling out in may euro markets. why would they care about their dying os at this point.

recursive said,
I hope it runs Symbian so they can see some improved sales numbers.

You must be kidding yourself.