Rumor: PS4 to have more horsepower than next Xbox, will have less RAM

The rumors about the next generation game consoles from Sony and Microsoft continue to pop up on the Internet. A few days ago, one report suggested that we would hear official announcements sometime in March for the next gen platforms. Now, another Internet website claims to have some hardware performance info on the consoles. reports, via unnamed sources who talked to certain people last week at CES 2013, state that the next version of the Playstation has a run capability of 1.84 teraflops. The same report claims that Microsoft's next Xbox will only generate 1.23 teraflops.

However, in terms of memory, games on the next Xbox, which is referred to by its code name Durango, will have a lot more memory to work with. The story claims that it will have a total of 8 GB of RAM, with 3 GB made for the console's operating system and the rest for playing games. The same report says that the next Playstation, code named Orbis, will have just 4 GB of RAM, with 1 GB reserved for running its OS.

Both consoles will also be able to run Blu-Ray discs that will have a storage capacity of 100 GB, which should be plenty of space for a lot of high resolution art textures.

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LightEco said,
I'll be interested to see if either uses close to off-the-shelf parts. The big problems (especially on PS3) was the odd architecture devs had to deal with during this generation.

If they use hardware that's too close to a PC, it won't be long before they find their exclusive titles running on a PC.

LightEco said,
I'll be interested to see if either uses close to off-the-shelf parts. The big problems (especially on PS3) was the odd architecture devs had to deal with during this generation.

The architecture wasn't that unusual or hard; Sony failed to provide an optimized OS or development environment to take advantage of any hardware 'gains'. This along with the fallback to an outdated GPU design is what shutdown any performance edge the PS3 could of had, and also killed any graphical advantages.

There are a few that always complained that the PS3 CPU was hard to design for because of the six core design and getting good parallel/async performance. This is where Sony's inexperience with threading and using OSS projects as the basis of their OS and development tools failed them and the developers.

No matter what people think of Microsoft, they are well known for their compiler technologies and development tools. Even today, the Microsoft compilers for Intel are faster than the compilers designed by Intel and create more secure code.

Also to note about the complexity of threading and multi-core programming. The Xbox's CPU is a tri-core CPU that Microsoft modified to incorporate a 'Hyperthread-like' technology. So even though most people only see it as a tri-core and having to deal with 3 concurrent threads, it actually can process 6 threads concurrently, and the NT OS and modified DirectX technologies are highly optimized for threading. Even developers that don't deal well with multi-threaded coding were able to get extra performance out of the Xbox just from the advances in Microsoft compiler technologies used in the development kits.

(The Xbox also was the first computing platform to use the new GPU model that we all take for granted today, with agnostic and universal shader with onboard DMA passing to speed up RAM virtualization and BUS transfers. This is where the basis of the whole video model Microsoft added to Windows in Vista came from and is still an important part of Windows 7/8, and even why WP7/WP8 has fast graphics even on lower end hardware.)

Chugworth said,

If they use hardware that's too close to a PC, it won't be long before they find their exclusive titles running on a PC.

100% would never happen as they'd lose consoles sales from doing that. They obviously aren't going to cripple their hardware division unless they plan to scrap it completely (if they wanted to just become a publisher of games for example).

So the PS3 is rumoured to have a smaller amount of faster ram than the 720. Well correct me of I'm wrong, but memory speed has never been a bottleneck on consoles as far as I'm aware. So to me, more memory seems like it would be better than faster memory.

To bad teraflops are meanignless in measuring actual performance. Teraflops only say how good the hardware is at doing flops.

Not even Windows Vista uses up 3GB, so this sounds very suspect. For an OS to use up 3GB, you'd have to have a lot of useless stuff running.

helios01 said,
Not even Windows Vista uses up 3GB, so this sounds very suspect. For an OS to use up 3GB, you'd have to have a lot of useless stuff running.

Its just dedicated for non-game use. Could be running all sorts of things in the background.

Goldfire86 said,

Sony does more than just video game consoles...

Yeah, but they're doing worse on that other stuff than on consoles.

It will be the same story as the last gen -

PS4 - good specs on paper, extremely hard to develop/optimize for, poor dev tools and support from Sony

720 - good specs, awesome dev tools, 3rd party engine support, easy to port pc games, the choice for developers who then port to other platforms from Xbox

Sony will once again hype their specs which will only be used by a few exclusive titles. Multi platform games will continue to look and run better on Xbox.

So, as all of you probably know, Sony is trying to push UltraViolet as a way to watch movies stored in the cloud and they will give you a free voucher for the same movie in the cloud as the one you buy on BRD. They are making it sound like they just invented a new format. What the heck???? Can anyone explain to me why I would care to have it on BluRay when I can buy it on my Xbox and then download it to my Windows 8 PC, Surface RT, etc... Now if it also worked the other way around, where you could buy and watch it online then get a voucher so you can go pick-up a free Blu-Ray at the store, that would make me thing twice...

I know a few game devs and they hate not having enough RAM, they have to play the borrow game. Caching textures left right and centre and doing some really clever programming just to get the machine to do what they need it to.

So from those devs point of view.

PS4 =
Xbox 720 =

Intel learnt CPU horse power does not make the game run faster on its own.

I doubt the ps4's 3gbs ram will be a problem seeing as far cry 3 which was just released uses less than 700mb ram.

oh you know sony... when the price of parts becomes cheaper they will continue to update the ps4 with several hardware revisions to increase ram and drive space and add other little goodies.
Still I thought SONY had said this just 2 years ago :
"oh don't count on the ps4 for a while to come, the ps2 sold for 10 years before the ps3 was released and we expect the same from the ps3"
Sony's hardware will always be better then the XBox because Microsoft wants to be cheap about it to target a younger audience and Sony uses top of the line parts and they don't care if they don't make a profit from the consoles for several years. Hopefully they won't take a hit with each PS4 they sell for the first few years like they did with the PS3
I'm sure the regular retail will be like $600 for the extreme loaded PS4 with a lower end at $350
Would also be nice to see a virtual console for backward compatibility with ps1,ps2, & ps3

These are still rumors and even if solid, doesn't mean they will be anything like what we will see shipping. Especially RAM amounts or RAM speed is a bit silly to get caught up in debating.

Remember back to the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

We knew the Xbox 360 was going to be PowerPC based and Microsoft was using paired G5 Macs for development until the final CPU and GPU were produced. However, we had no idea how 'fast' the Xbox 360 CPU was going to be other than the rumors of it being a 3ghz tri-core. It turned out to include the hyperthreading-like technology that allows it to process 6 threads, acting more like a six core CPU, and this was not expected even from developers leading into the Spring E3 announcements. (Heck people to this day don't realize it is a bit more beefy than just a tri-core PowerPC.)

The Xbox 360 GPU was another area that changed and wasn't until the first shipping units at E3 were seen, let alone it was new GPU model that took developers and even ATI over year after the GPU was introduced to 'understand' what it was doing, how it worked with NT and the 'upcoming' WDDM/WDM technologies introduced in Vista that the Xbox 360 uses. It was a game changer that was 'unknown' even to developers at this time of the year when the Xbox 360 shipped in the Fall.

The PS3 was going to use the Cell for Graphics, then an in house combination for graphics, and Sony was unable to get close to the estimated performance of the Xbox 360, so at the last minute took a deal from NVidia, which is why the PS3 has an older GPU design that is a bit slower, but virtually identical to the Geforce 7900.

So if anyone 'really' knows what will be 'shipping' I would be surprised, because at this time in 2005, even the Xbox developers had NO idea how much CPU power they would have or how much GPU power they would have, nor even how the shared RAM GPU virtualization technologies designed by Microsoft would work out. (Which was successful and is what every GPU sold in the last 5 years is based on.)

For gaming on pc, ram speed does nothing, it's fast enough. I mean 8gb is 36$ at consumer level price imagine Sony and Microsoft level. I have 16gb now and it just for the lowlz :-)

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