Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III to be super-thin?

New rumors about Samsung's long awaited next Galaxy S smartphone have popped up on the Internet. The Korean-language web site reports that when Samsung does launch the Galaxy S III smartphone, the product will be only 7 mm in thickness. That's about as thin as Motorola's recent Android smartphone the Droid RAZR.

If true, this might signal the start of a new trend in having smartphones with thin displays and cases. The same story also claims that Samsung is aiming to launch the Galaxy S III sometime in May.

The Galaxy S III was previously rumored to get an introduction later this month at the World Mobile Congress event in Barcelona, Spain. However, the company later confirmed that it would announce the successor to the best selling Galaxy S and Galaxy S II at a separate press event later on in 2012. So far the Galaxy S series of smartphones has resulted in over 40 million worldwide units being sold and has helped Samsung become a huge company in the smartphone marketplace.

A few days ago, some images leaked out that showed a Samsung developed smartphone with some kind of curved and thin display, with some speculating that this was a prototype for the Galaxy S III.

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I love the galaxy s2's size, not sure how I'd feel about it being thinner. Probably fine, as I used to think the htc desire was it's the sgs2!

If they're really wanting to make the devices thinner, the'yre going to have to slap on a solar panel on the back. My SGS2 with the official Samsung battery extension gives my handset a more solid feel and sturdy feel, and it lasts longer than 12 hours!

if that crazy curvy ugly device ends up being the GSIII then i wont be buying it currently with all the other info about the device and possible early supper late spring release it is inline for becoming my next smart phone. as I purchased a Droid 3 last year and do not like it much.

It'll still have a fat end where the camera is. Sure it might be 7mm at the microphone end, but that doesn't really count overall.

currently have the captivate, with my otter box case it's a brick. size don't care i want two things BIG screen and BIG battery.. and speed so 3

If they can make devices thinner without sacrificing power/battery, then why not. People who want a thick device can simply use a case. Keeps both people happy.

onionjuice said,
Neowin shouldn't promote these rumors to the front page. It's just ridiculous.

Because, as we all know, Neowin's frontpage is the most prestigious piece of news space on the web today.

Shiranui said,

Because, as we all know, Neowin's frontpage is the most prestigious piece of news space on the web today.