Rumor: SkyDrive to add Photosynth panorama photo support

Microsoft's Photosynth apps for iOS and Windows Phone devices allow users to create full 360 degree panorama pictures. Now there's a new rumor that claims these kinds of photos could soon be supported for uploading and viewing on the company's SkyDrive cloud storage service.

Liveside reports that Microsoft is working on adding Photosynth image support to SkyDrive, but there's no word on when this feature might launch. Currently, the iOS and Windows Phone Photosynth apps allow users to share their panorama images with others via Facebook or Twitter, or by uploading them to the Photosynth website.

The story does not state if the current SkyDrive mobile apps will be updated to include uploading Photosynth images.

Microsoft recently updated the Window Phone 8 SkyDrive app to allow for uploads of full-resolution photos and videos to the SkyDrive website. It also added a new photo timeline user interface to the SkyDrive site earlier this month, along with improvements to both the client and server side of the SkyDrive desktop app that reportedly increases photo upload speeds by two to three times faster than previous versions.

Source: Liveside | Image via Microsoft

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I agree with you! Photosynth has been around for years. One would think that this would be baked into everything that MS does.

I was an avid user of Photosynth I thought that stitching together pieces of different pieces photos would be a cool thing. But turns out that no one cares. But perhaps with skydrive integration it might take off.

-adrian- said,
I am not sure yet - how this would be a killer. But it's strange that the MS services take so long to work together

This is quite common: at the time of WM 2005 MS created Deep Fish, a technology to zoom in the monthly view of the calendar. It was very useful and people loved it but it was never ported in WP where we just have an almost useless monthly calendar with Latin gibberish. Same with SBA: a great competitor of Quicken abandoned after two or three years.

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