Rumor suggests re-release of TimeSplitters franchise

A rumor that originated in the Official PlayStation Magazine UK suggests that TimeSplitters 4 could be a reality sometime soon. The September 2011 issue of the popular gaming magazine features the below comment in the "Rumour Mill" section. No other publication seems to have any information on the possibility of a new game releasing in the series.

The series was last heard from in 2005, with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox title TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The franchise revolves around traveling through time, as the name would suggest, and has always taken the form of a first-person shooter. As the snap from the "Rumour Mill" feature would suggest, the franchise is well known for featuring monkeys armed with guns as characters. During Future Perfect, the game jumped through the 21st century straight to the 25th century, and other over-the-top occurrences.

Connected Consoles suggests that TimeSplitters 4 has been worked upon since 2007, but Free Radical Design was purchased by Crytek before the game ever saw the light of day. It is now identified as Crytek UK. Cevat Yerli, present leader of Crytek, has expressed interest in returning to the franchise. It has also been claimed that the series could reappear with the next generation of consoles, though Crytek may choose to confirm the return of the series before this happens.

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Mmm... Can you imagine how much fun online multiplayer games of Flametag and Virus would be?!
I'm drooling a little here.

Anaron said,
It'd be nice if it was built using CryENGINE 3.

Absolutely. Hopefully Free R... Crytek UK will keep the cartoon style though. With CryEngine 3 it has the potential to be the best looking game of this generation, the locales will keep it fresh too.

I wish Timesplitters 2 would come to XBLA.

It got teased/had a joke video made ages ago, but I really do hope they actually do this, just because the series is amazing.

Hopefully this is true, but a similar rumor was actually debunked a while back. They recently said they were investigating the possibility but couldn't say they'd do one for sure.

This is the greatest news I could have read today. **** the debt ceiling this should be on the front page of every where.