Rumor: Vista SP1 coming February 18, XP SP3 on March 23

French tech website PC INpact is reporting that it got its grubby little hands on the exact release dates of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 as well as Windows XP Service Pack 3. According to a source, Vista SP1 is to be released on the night of February 18 while XP SP3 will be released on the night of March 23.

Although Microsoft has not given a tight timeframe for when to expect XP SP3, it did state earlier that Vista SP1 will be available in mid-March. The screenshots should be therefore taken with a grain of salt. It is possible that these memos were sent out before Microsoft delayed Vista to mid-March. Could it be that the Vista date is wrong but the XP one is correct?

Screenshots: Windows Vista SP1 Change Request | Windows XP SP3 Change Request
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In my PC hardware class, we're setting up multiple boots and such. However, when we installed XP (for the billionth time), we used the SP3 beta and it seemed to work dandy. Great way to eliminate those 90+ updates after installing.

I also remember reading a 10% speed improvement with it. Couldn't tell though since it's not my home computer, but I'm curious as to what other people have experienced with it.

there is one way to know for sure that it is final(which at this time i doubt)is that sp1 would add back the display for the windows defrag(the way the drive looks)if no1 can provide that from this then it is indeed a fake.

These dates could easily be referring to release on the download center, where things often appear first, and not Windows Update.

I doubt it'll be the 18th for two reasons: 1) the 18th is a holiday (President's Day), and 2), Microsoft releases updates through Windows Update on Tuesdays

(Krome said @ #8.1)
Tell me what you see here

Assuming that wasn't a typo, it means that build was built on the 18th of January. Any particular reason why it should be released one month after the RTM build?

iv already got sp1 downloaded and installed on my vista business, runs fine, no differences in speed in my eyes, got no test stuff but looks the same, plays alright with everything, no software or driver conflicts, perfect release by the looks of it

I call fake on this, MS have said Vista SP1 won't be available till mid March and there has been no official word on XP SP3, we don't even know if it is RTM yet.

(miguel_montes said @ #3.2)
^^ Is this really SP1!? Has anyone tried it?
Yeah, installed it this morning. Working fine so far...

... and why did my post get snipped when this other one is still here? i posted that at like 7am ottawa time :P

SP1 is out for very closed group i think....
Microsoft informed that it will check the error logs it gets for the failed driver scenario & access the situation & push the correct driver via windows update to the systems with issue..and later push the SP1

arg so much conflicting info, it's too confusing! :P

the sooner the better i guess, but better to delay if there are problems...

question is, why would MS state march, and then 'surprise' us with an early release? i'm gonna go with the suggestion this info was out before the announcement of the delay