Rumor: Will the Nokia 41 MP Windows Phone get a 'camera shell' add-on?

Call it the EOS. Call it the Lumia 909. Call it the Lumia 1020! Whatever Nokia decides to finally name its 41 megapixel Windows Phone 8 smartphone, it seems pretty clear that it will be officially announced next week, specifically on July 11th. Now there's yet another rumor that claims the phone will come with what may be a well needed accessory.

According to an article on the China-based WPDang site, the smartphone will have a “camera shell” that will fit on the back side of the phone, where the big 41 megapixel camera lens will be found. Basically, the shell will raise the entire back side of the phone so that camera lens is leveled out, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, as has been seen in previously leaked images of the device.

This should allow owners of the upcoming Nokia phone to get a better grip on it when it is being used as a camera, which is likely to be a frequent occurrence. In addition, the camera shell is rumored to have a shutter button, which will help people when operating the camera hardware.

The article makes it sound like this will be included when the smartphone is launched. However, it's possible that Nokia could simply offer this camera shell as an optional add-on. Again, we should learn a lot more this coming Thursday, when the phone will almost certainly be revealed by Nokia at its New York City press conference.

Source: WPDang via | Individual handset images via @evleaks

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...will it also include a lens protector??

Really annoys me that such high quality cameras on phones done have some sort of lens protection...

With the shell it will probably be as thick as 920. But it's nice to have an option. Not everyone uses wireless charger and sometimes it's nice to take it off to make the phone slimmer, thus fitting in pockets better.

majortom1981 said,
The more that I hear about this phone the more I will upgrade to it from my 920.

I'm in the same boat as you. I can't wait!

ahinson said,
It doesn't seem that compelling compared to the 920 imo. I'm more wait and see than you I guess.

Well yea, that and the fact that nokia is pumping phones out like no day after tomorrow! lol

auziez said,

Well yea, that and the fact that nokia is pumping phones out like no day after tomorrow! lol

by the way, I really don't mind the frequency of their releases currently... as long as they are differentiated releases as so.