Rumor: Xbox 360 4 GB with Kinect to get $50 price cut

Want to get an new Xbox 360 with a Kinect controller today? If so, you might want to wait a few extra days if the latest rumor is correct. According to Joystiq, pictures of an upcoming Wal Mart newspaper flyer show that for the week of August 28, the retailer will be selling the 4 GB version of the Xbox 360 with the Kinect motion controller camera included for $249. That's a $50 price cut compared to its current $299 price.

There's no word yet if this price cut is just for Wal Mart customers or if it will extend to other retailers. There's also no word if other Xbox 360 consoles will get similar price cuts. Earlier this month, Sony announced it was cutting the price of its Playstation 3 console by $50 for its 160 GB version (to $249) and the 320 GB version (to $299). Nintendo has also cut the price of its 3DS portable console by $80 to $169.99. Both the PS3 and the 3DS have seen big sales jumps at retailers such as Amazon since the price cuts went into effect.

In related news, Warner Bros. Interactive is showing off pictures of a custom Xbox 360 console on Facebook with artwork from the upcoming action game Batman Arkham City. People who attend this week's PAX Prime event in Seattle can come to the Warner Bros Interactive booth to register to win one and non-PAX attendees will apparently get their own chance to win another Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 console via Microsoft at a later point in time.

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.08-20-2011 07:55 PM - last edited on 08-24-2011 11:20 PM

HP TouchPad

Update 10:00pm CST 08/24/11:

Beginning Thursday August 25th, 2011 stores with available inventory may be offering tickets on a first come first served basis for the purchase of a HP TouchPad. Stores may have select HP-branded accessories specific to the HP TouchPad available, which are currently 50 percent off the original price while supplies last.

Update 11:47am CST 08/23/11:

At this time all remaining TouchPad inventory is on its way to our stores and will be arriving throughout the week. Best Buy will no longer be selling the Touchpad on, or any other Best Buy channel other than our stores. We cannot share specifics on the timing or quantity of these shipments. As soon as a store receives shipment, it will be merchandised on the sales floor and will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

Not surprised at all. In Canada, back in April they sold the 4GB versions for $139 and $100 trade in for the old xbox at EBgames. A lot of people traded in their old xbox for a new one by only paying $39+taxes.

This might not be a permanent price drop but looks like a back to school special price. As for the other retailers, they will all do the same price at the same time. Wait for their flyers to come out as well.

MichaelJTKnox said,
Please elaborate...

Because you can't do anything with it honestly. With only 4GB of space, that leaves very little room for updates, XBLA games, etc.

Xilo said,

Because you can't do anything with it honestly. With only 4GB of space, that leaves very little room for updates, XBLA games, etc.

yeah, all those DVD games are worthless with a 4GB system.....

Xilo said,
The 4GB is honestly a pointless purchase.

Depends what you use it for I suppose. Personally, I bought one because I prefer the matte look and bought a 250GB hard drive for it which funnily enough, altogether was considerably cheaper than buying the 250GB Gloss console. I just found a great deal. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, I'm not crazy enough to pay more just for matte.

Xilo said,

Because you can't do anything with it honestly. With only 4GB of space, that leaves very little room for updates, XBLA games, etc.

Actually no. That use to be the case, but not anymore. Not only can you use 16GB thumb drives for saves, profiles, games etc, this fall you will also be able to use cloud storage for everything. MS gives you 25 free GBs of cloud storage...add this to the 16GB thumb drive and 4GBs you get with the system and thats at least 29GBs of space right out the box...not bad for $150.

Of course they did. They will always say that until an official announcement, any other word of mouth rumors make sales drop.

lol I bought one today....lucky it was a 250GB so hopefully no price cut to make me feel silly.
but I'm glad the price is comming down.