Rumored Amazon smartphone render leaked with more detail

A few weeks ago, Boy Genius Report posted what they claimed was the first public image of Amazon's rumored upcoming smartphone. However, that picture was a bit dark and blurry and today the same site has posted up a new image that offers a much clearer and complete view of the rumored device.

The render, according to the story, was created internally at Amazon by graphics designers. Visually, it resembles Apple's iPhone with some elements of Samsung's Galaxy series and the HTC One. The report claims that the 4.7 inch smartphone, which doesn't have an official name yet, is supposed to be a rather large device but can still be used by one hand.

Previous rumors claim that the smartphone will have six cameras; a standard rear and front lens and four more front facing infrared cameras that will allow it to display 3D images that can be seen without glasses. The phone is also supposed to have motion gesture controls that will let users access functions, such as scrolling up an down a document, just by moving the phone.

Amazon is rumored to be using a highly modified version of Android, with its own app store, for its smartphone. BGR claims Amazon will announce it in late spring or early summer for a launch sometime in the third quarter of 2014.

Source: BGR | Image via BGR

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Thick bezels. It looks like it's going to be bigger than my G2, which has a 5.2-inch screen.

Interesting that the G2 seems to be the only phone out there with a screen that covers more than 75% of the front of the phone. Things seem to have stagnated on this front for the last couple years.

Surely there must be some sort of design push to maximise the size of the screen while also maximising the possibility of it fitting in your pocket?

Edited by james.faction, May 1 2014, 9:02pm :

"Visually, it resembles Apple's iPhone with some elements of Samsung's Galaxy series and the HTC One"

I admire those that can pick out any those "characteristic elements" in phones that all look basically the same (and the fact that this purported phone is a "little bit of this, a little bit of that" proves this...)

It is rectangular, has a microphone and speaker on opposite ends rather than next to each other, is made out of glass and metal, uses the color black, and has a camera - yep, it is a direct copy of an Apple product. Expect a Johnny Ive rant about how everyone copies him in 3, 2, ...

I have a feeling this isn't going to do much, it could be another "Facebook phone" type deal. People buying the kindle tablets is one thing (though those don't sell much from what I've seen), mostly to read their books or watch videos. I question how much they'd buy into the idea of doing that on their phone? At 4.7" it's not small per se but really why not just stick to a kindle tablet. Plus I fully expect this to be locked to Amazons own store and like the Kindle Fire etc, no Google Play and so on.

mjedi7 said,

Amazon Kindle Phone.

I was just going by the logic that their recently released TV box thing was called Amazon Fire TV, it wasn't called Kindle TV :)

Navan said,
Please, none of that 3D BS.

They have to stand out with something I guess. So what better unique feature than some 3D gimmick...

so it looks like it doesnt have much going for it, except possibly price. I hope its not GSM only.