Rumors of a possible Microsoft set-top TV box pop up again

Over a year ago, the Internet started humming with rumors that Microsoft was working on some kind of TV set-top box that would stream video and music, along with some kind of Kinect hardware support. So far, Microsoft has yet to comment on such plans.

The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, doesn't really reveal anything that hasn't been reported in previous articles. It does say that Microsoft has developed a number of different prototypes for the set-top box, including some with Kinect support. WSJ adds that it is currently "uncertain" if Microsoft will even launch the set-top box to the pubic.

The news comes just 12 days before Microsoft is expected to announce the first official details on the next Xbox game console at its Redmond, Washington campus on May 21st. Intel is also actively working on a set-top TV box of its own that it plans to launch later this fall and Amazon is also rumored to be making a similar product for a fall 2013 release.

Add all this activity up and it's clear that the next 12 months could see a flood of set-top TV boxes to choose from. The big question: Will there be room for all of them or will one or more of these boxes fall by the wayside?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Honestly, this is most welcomed.
It looks like what will happen is the xbox infinite will have all capabilities, but then the lower model, xbox infinite lite lets say, will have capabilities to only play xbox 360 games and be a set top... Most importantly though it will be CHEAP.

Partner with Ceton, refine what they have done where possible and use it as a showcase for what can be done. They appear to have something good going. I have been watching then as a potential TiVo replacement.

I already had one, the XBOX 360 Arcade coupled with Windows Media Center makes a fantastic host/client A/V distribution system in the home. It's such a pity they feel the need to completely neglect it, because it's bloody fantastic.

You can play all your XBOX 360 games on it too, so win-win.