Rumors surface, detailing Sony Europe's future layoff plans

Although only the what, where, when, and why of the upcoming layoffs at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have already been answered for the most part by the staff at GamePro, that only leaves the question of "who". Apparently, developer blog Inner Bits claims to have the that part all figured out, as a recent posting offers a breakdown of the redundancies that will soon engulf the entirety of SCEE.

According to blogger "Raoul", the majority of the layoffs will occur within the confines of Sony UK, since most other countries in Europe have much more stringent labor laws regarding employee firings. Although he doesn't name any sources, the author claims that the job cuts will be scattered throughout a number of development teams across the company as opposed to the complete axing of a single studio.

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News source: GamePro

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I can confirm the redundancies have already begun. I personally know someone who has lost their job at SCEE UK offices who was in the marketing section.

I was told they had lost their job mid last week actually

For my university course, we are required to find a placement for one year. Sony was one of the companies offering such a placement.

A lot of people applied and a few were rejected. The rest were brought in to do a very difficult exam on C++. 20 questions, most of which were rather obscure or designed to catch you out in some way.
Fair enough though, some people didn't do well, others did quite well. A good friend of mine got 20/20, for example.

And so we waited for a response, to see who got the Placement. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited.
After a month, we went to our placement advisor about it. She then got onto Sony about it.

Turns out, they'd cancelled the placement. Not only did they neglect to inform us of this, but they knew the placement was going to be cancelled over 8 months ago, long before anyone had even applied, let alone gone for the interview and exam.

This is why I dislike Sony.

Wow man, that REALLY sucks. I know how important the placement is, and mine established me for a future role - for Sny to mess with people like that and not live up to their responsibility of at least informing you all - that's low!