PSP Rumour: Sony Ericsson to challenge Apple's iPhone

Sony Corp. of Japan and Sweden's Ericsson have a long established joint venture in the Sony Ericsson line of cell phones. According to Reuters, it was reported in Saturday's Nikkei business daily that Sony would like to bring enhanced portable gaming features to the Sony Ericsson label to compete directly with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch product lines.

More and more game developers, like Capcom, are designing games for Apple's popular iPhone device and this is seen as a direct threat to some of Sony's portable gaming products.

Sony is not commenting on the story but others have speculated that we may see a PlayStation Portable-like device that can make and receive cellphone calls.

On the eve of Sony's 30th anniversary of their original Walkman product, Sony is facing increasing competition from rival Apple and Nintendo products during a global recession which has led to Sony's first annual loss in 14 years.

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SE phones are already overpriced for their feature set, they most likely will come out with a pricier and perhaps uglier iphone 'killer'

Being a Apple fan i would love apple always to stay on top. But like u all i too want some competition in the market. Competition is the only tool that brings new innovation. I hope sony brings some competition. Before apple products i was a BIG fan of SONY. I still have the old SONY walkman player i.e 15 years old. Go on sony.........

look at the new psp... no umd drive so its downloads only , and that slide-out profile... its beginning to look more and more like a phone

Hm... I dunno, I'll wait to see what Microsoft cooks up, I'm really beginning to like Windows Mobile... I've never been a fan of Sony anyway... I would be interested in seeing what they do though... My thought though is that if they had planned a phone PSP device, they would have designed the PSP Go a bit differently so they could get a better return on the invested R&D. Sony seems to try to do this a good deal (Which only makes sense from a business standpoint)...

I'm on my second SE phone. I love the size/features but they need to pick up a little on the build quality. Particularly the backs/battery covers. They tend to be too thin and either crack or start creaking.

agreed. plus the costs of the iPhone are rediculus. 800 dollar for top of the line one. you could buy a decent computer for that.

Seems you only familiar with these 2 other phones..?? some people will say (me included) that the Pre is better than the iphone... and the full 2yr contract sums up 2400usd on verizon vs 3500usd for iphone on AT&T... that's 1100USD difference.

NORR said,
I hope this is true. We need a decent competitor to the iPhone. The G1 and the Pre don't cut it.

To you perhaps..I think the HTC Magic competes nicely with that trendschmuck of a toy.

Well we'll still have to see how other platforms offer us better functionality. Symbian isn't quite cutting it at the moment in smartphones, while opinion on Android's waiting for the Magic to come out.