Rumours Galore: New Apple iPods coming in September

Various news sites are reporting that Apple plans to launch new iPod models in September. There have been cease-and-desist orders handed out by Apple regarding photos as well as videos, although it is not clear whether Apple is covering up a trail or starting a fake one to create some excitement. Here's a few highlights that are being whispered:

  • A second generation iPhone (iPhone nano), a wide-screen iPod video (possibly with a touch-screen), an iPod nano with video support and an iPod shuffle with more storage are all likely announcements
  • The new devices will run different variants of Mac OS X, much like the iPhone
  • NAND flash memory will be used for storage for most, if not all, of the new products
  • A shorter but wider and thicker 4GB, 8GB and 16GB iPod Nano will be available in solid black, silver, cranberry, light blue, and light green
  • The new iPods will look much like the iPhone, except with a black, not silver, outside rim and may perform like it too: integration with iLife '08 (ability to browse 'Events' via a CoverFlow interface), similar way of displaying album art and a world clock widget
  • Despite touch-screen suggestions, it is unlikely the click-wheel interface will not be included in at least one of the new models
View: Supposed Leaked Images of 3G iPod Nano
News source: InformationWeek | Apple Insider | Apple 2.0

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I'd like to see them get updates from iTunes via a WiFi network, and also be able to browse the internet with just a regular iPod (not the iPhone). I don't care about the phone stuff, I just want to browse the internet through the device when I'm at home or school in a WiFi hotspot ...

a lot care, obviously...
"bloat" wouldnt sell if no1 needed it...
id love to be able to sync my iPod which i yet have to get via WiFi, browse the net in my school or similar...
i dont care a lot about web functionality (would be nice when lying in the bed tho and youre like sick or you are "s'posed to sleep!" xD)
but WiFi really would make it very comfy for me

Glassed Silver:mac

Glassed Silver said,
apple has afaik never raised prices for the same product when a new gen came out... at least not within the last few years

Glassed Silver:mac

I don't quite remember, but didn't Apple raise the price when the Intel Mac Mini came out?

If that is the real iPod Nano, it really is horrible. Really really disgusting. It does just look like some horrid squished version of these fake Chinese iPods. I hope the cease and desist orders being handed out by Apple's lawyers are just to throw us off prior to the real unveiling.

+1 on the ultra ugly nano design.

why would you make it fatter? doesnt make too much sense.

though i wouldnt be suprised to be honest after the horrible design of the new iMacs, anything is possible

Apple, If youre going to continue with your form over function philosophy, please try to make sure your designers are paid well enough to fool consumers into buying your less capable products.

I like the current Nano because it is long and slim... making it short and fat seems illogical and I won't be buying one if that is the design. I don't care whether it has a widescreen or not as I only use it for music and displaying the album art.

I believe the "fat" iPod we have seen renderings of is the replacement for the current iPod with video. This model will be flash-based in 16GB and 32GB versions. There will most likely be a HDD-based model with a touchscreen interface similar to the iPhone.

All I want is a new iPod video, the one I've got came out in 2005! and there have been no new ones since. A widescreen, touchscreen video iPod with coverflow is all I'm after!

I don't know how apple are going to get video on the Nanos, video needs a big screen, Nanos are designed to be small, the two don't actually mix, I doubt the leaked photos are real, apple wouldn't be as stupid as to release that.

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