Russians launch DDOS attack

Russia launched another cyber warfare attack against the small country of Kyrgyzstan. A distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) took place against the country in January of 2009. The ip traffic has now been traced back to Russian based servers primarily known for cyber crimes.

The claim is placed against the Russian Business Network (RBN) which is possibly the world's largest botnet with 150 to 180 million nodes. The attack was successful in knocking three of four internet service providers in the country offline.

This is not the first attack from this group which is suspected of having government sponsorship. The attacks were very similar to the DDOS attack on Estonia in 2007 and Georgia in 2008; both of those attacks were successful in knocking ISP providers' offline.

"Cyber Intelligence Analysts stated that attacks were launched to disrupt demands that leaders halt plans to prohibit access to an airbase for the US military in its war in Afghanistan. The analysts went on to say the Russian officials want nothing more than the base closed as soon as possible. (This is said to be one of the terms of a $2 billion investment deal that Russia is trying to negotiate with Kyrgyzstan.)" As reported by Defense

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I'm inclined to agree with coth. As far as I know there has been no significant evidence that proves links between the RBN and the Russian administration. There's a chance that this was sponsored by someone with political motives but we can't assume a government's guilt without proof!

Also; don't most DDOSs originate from Russia anyway?!


It is most certainly politically based, especially as it is probably the Russian who paid them in the first place.

if someone from around the world payed russians for ddos attack it doesn't mean automatically it's political action...

Contextual ads are trying to couple me up with a blonde "Join free!" Russian lady ! I guess she must have awesome hacking skills.