RyanVM Update Pack 2.19

This pack is designed to bring a Windows XP CD with SP2 integrated fully up to date with all of the latest hotfixes released by Microsoft since SP2's release. It accomplishes this task via direct integration, where files on the CD are directly overwritten by the updated files. The pack can be used with the RyanVM Integrator or nLite. The only versions of Windows that this pack officially supports are English versions of Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. While the Update Pack may work OK on other releases of Windows XP such as XP Tablet PC Edition and Media Center Edition 2005, it is not supported by me. Integrate onto those OSes at your own risk.


  • Added KB920867 Hotfix. Replaces KB890859 Hotfix.
  • Added KB923293 Hotfix.
  • Added KB925902 Hotfix. Replaces KB922859 Hotfix.
  • Added KB930178 Hotfix.
  • Added KB931192 Hotfix. Replaces KB929624 Hotfix.
  • Added KB931261 Hotfix.
  • Added KB931784 Hotfix. Replaces KB929338 Hotfix.
  • Added KB932168 Hotfix.
  • Added KB932662 Hotfix.
  • Added KB935448 Hotfix. Replaces KB928843 Hotfix.
  • Fixed MSXML6 SP1 issue which caused .NET Framework 3.0 (and related products) installation failures.
  • Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool to version 1.28.
Download: RyanVM Update Pack 2.19 (Freeware)
Link: Home Page | Forum Discussion (Thanks _0_0_)

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RyanVM is designed to integrate into your source files, effectively updating your OS so when you reformat and reinstall, you're already updated. This is pre-installation while AutoPatcher is post-installation. You'd basically use this and then AutoPatcher.


1) They're different things. RVM update packs are meant to update your XP CD, instead of spending/wasting time installing it seperately.

2) They're frequently updated

3) It's Largely bug free and stable. This pack undergoes a lot of testing.

4) AutoPatcher sucks. Google for "Autopatcher Crash OR error" and you'll know.


#2, both ryanvm's pack and AutoPatcher are released once a month, this point of yours is invalid

#3 + #4, what exactly am i supposed to be looking at with that google search, a few references to run-time errors? they're usually due to user error, or some missing system files, and all that should be a thing of the past with the new releases anyway which are a huge improvement over v5.1.
AutoPatcher is (at least i would consider) bug free and stable too. the occasional typo in a module creeps in, which never really poses a big problem and is always fixed in the next release when spotted. we have only ever had one serious bug in AutoPatcher, which was a design problem in our install script which will never happen again and only affected one user. the possibility of any other bug in any part of AutoPatcher badly affecting a users system is extremely unlikely, thats not to say a few users don't have nasty problems (e.g. a bsod), but thats not down to a bug in AutoPatcher, it's down to their system. whereas a nasty bug in ryanvm's pack could potentially i guess pose a big problem hence the need for vigorous testing, something which we don't require since were not disassembling and reassembling the windows update packages.
now, where exactly is that proof that autopatcher sucks and is overrun with errors and crashes? i don't care if you don't want to use it and your perfectly entitled to your own opinion, but i object to comments like this when you don't even provide any relevant examples/evidence to backup your claim.

Ok, I guess things have improved since the time I tried out AutoPatcher when it first arrived! Cause you know what they say, its the first impression that counts Back then, a few people came to me and complained that AutoPatcher messed up their systems. Since then I've been discouraging people to stop using AP as I developed my own system which was bug-free :P