Safari 5.0.1 released, now supports extensions

Apple released an update to Safari today, upgrading to version 5.0.1, that introduces extensions to the Safari user base. Extension tools were available in the original 5.0.0 release, but for developer use only. Since then, developers have been working to prepare their extensions for today's release date. Some of the extensions highlighted by Apple in their press release are the Amazon Wish List extension, the Bing extension, the extension, and more. The extensions gallery can be accessed at Extensions can be set to auto-update and don't require a browser reboot when installed or updated. 

Safari 5 introduced features like Safari Reader, a way to pop out online article for seamless and scrollable reading, a faster Nitro Engine that makes it four times faster than Safari 4, and increased support for HTML 5 standards. Other features include hardware acceleration for Windows and Web Inspector, a web page debugging tool.

Firefox was the first browser to proliferate large amounts of third-party browser extensions, which they called plug-ins, to their users. Extensions offer a multitude of ways to make your browser your own, customizing and tweaking its functionality to where it does exactly what you want it to do. It also provides a robust platform for third-party websites to create a presence on the browser itself, creating a great incentive for companies to develop popular extensions. Google Chrome recently implemented extensions as well, and it is quickly becoming the de facto way to manage a browser.

Users of Safari can either run the Apple Software Update tool, or visit Safari's download page to acquire the latest version.

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It's great and all that, considering I can give it a try.. for some reasons, Safari will not open on my XP no matter what I do when I open the safari.exe (reinstall, repair, delete application data/apple/safari, etc) *sigh*

Im keeping Safari 5 just for the reader option, still FF and IE way too heavy for my personal taste, so for everyday web surfing Opera rules and from time to time I go for Chrome, the simpler the better for me...I know people would say opera isn't simple but it gives me mouse gestures, turbo, tab preview, mail and torrents and opera sync so I just run it without having to restart it every time an addon is installed or each to its own.

P1R4T3 said,
Opera & IE, what are you guys waiting for?

Opera and IE both have plugin support already, just not a lot of plugins in the wild for them yet

P1R4T3 said,
Opera & IE, what are you guys waiting for?

Waiting for Apple to get a clue about security. Safari is by far the most insecure and buggy browser on Windows. Look up 'protected mode' and check with any security tracking site if you think I'm blowing smoke.

Subject Delta said,

Opera and IE both have plugin support already, just not a lot of plugins in the wild for them yet

IE has had add-ons since the 90s, and there are tons of them. The Netscape/Firefox plug-ins were a response to IEs add ons.

Jan said,
I really want an official Twitter app for Chrome The current ones SUCK.

Chromed Bird is great, don't know what you could ask for more.

Ci7 said,
when webkit 2 would be out?

I'm wondering about that too. I kind of expected Safari 5 to ship with that...

.Neo said,

I'm wondering about that too. I kind of expected Safari 5 to ship with that...

Then you were overly optimistic as the beginning of the Webkit2 development was announced just a few months before the release of Safari 5.

These seem to be pretty much the same extensions that have been available thru other sources already. Personally the only useful ones I've found have been the Reload button and YouTube/Vimeo wideners.

I guess the Safari Extension API doesn't allow all that great access because there haven't been any addons that add missing functionality like the Ctrl/Cmd+Enter to add "www" and ".com" to whatever you type in the address bar. I guess the truly good stuff is still going to be Glims territory.

Safari is still on loads of my friends computers, not by choice but because it was still there from the time when Apple ticked the Safari box by default in Apple Software Update, since then I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

satus said,
Even with the same blood. Chrome is better, faster, and more powerful I think.
No thanks

I just really hate Chrome's UI. Its good as a base, but its not customizable at all...and the menu's are fat. Im spoiled by firefox's skins i guess.


Browser reboot doesnt bother me as it takes just a second. Sticking with FF and wouldnt infest my PC with Apple garbage.