Samsung: 1 TB, $199

Samsung has announced a low-cost 1 Terabyte HD, that will be available to consumers in June, at an affordable price of $199. With the growing desire for multimedia content, larger hard drives have become important to those of us who need such storage. Samsung has promised to keep specs that will be up to par with consumer needs, and this new drive will use 50% less power than it's other 1TB models.

With the burden of managing HD's today, Samsung could really take the lead with such a drive. What do you think? Let's hear your comments, Neowin.

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The bigger the drives become the less efficient they become and more likely to break since they contain multiple platters.
As posted above, people adding larger hard drivers is going to be inevitable, I have 1.5tb in my PC now.

We're probably thinking about blueray burners at some level which have come to UK market in any case. Not sure capacity of blueray myself while I'm already on the lookout for


Ideas on a postcard. You can catch me at Saturn or Neptune most days. I'll collect it from there heheh:)

whats with all these people complaining about losing data?!

People will eventually jump onto the 1TB bandwagon sooner or later. I mean, the same thing probably happened with 100gb hdd and then 200gb hdd and then 500gb hdds. The same old people paranoid about losing their precious "data".

I don't know about your experience with Samsung hard drives, but I've been using only Samsung HDDs since almost 3 years and all are in very good condition. None of them has failed.

(Mike Frett said @ #19.2)
Samsung is quality. Never let me down. Wanna know the drives that fail me? WD and Seagate. That's Fact.

I would say all three of those brands are quality lol. Seagate, WD, and Samsung are all excellent quality.

(BlackTigerAP said @ #19)
Never trust SAMSUNG hard drive! Yes, they're cheap, very cheap. It says all...
Prefer Seagate HDDs.

every company is one time bad and next good.
i had bad experience with Seagate.
no one is perfect.

I got over 2 terabytes. I got 1 tb harddrive which sounds like a friggin jet engine when running. 2 500, 1 - 750, 2- 200. Electric bill jumped like a hundreds dollars extra. ouch. so I unplugged them and just waiting for a quite one and energy efficient.

Why not buy 2 of these put them in raid and never delete another file for the rest of your life. Get rid of your trash bin and just put a "I don't feel like thinking about this file" folder in its place.

Wake me when 1TB SSD reaches that price.

Honestly though, I'm not interested in cheap Harddrives with huge capacities, unless those cheap drives are also have amazing performance.

Also, I've kind of gone past my capacity requirements. I have 3 160GB drives in RAID 0 and a 250GB for backup, and I constantly have at least 200GB free. 1TB seems a bit excessive. But I guess with HD content becoming more and more popular, then maybe I'll need some more room.

As people have already posted, you can already get Hard drives for about this price in the UK. I seen 1Tb drives for £100 on scan earlier today, so what's the significance here?

I still don't trust HDDs that are this big. How often do you see bad reviews because a sector died. Larger HDD = more bad sectors.

assuming you need the data to be on a HD of one form or another, your not going to be any better off really by using more smaller drives. Regardless of what way you go you should have a backup strategy. Even a 20gig drive is able to fail after all.

(Smigit said @ #10.1)
assuming you need the data to be on a HD of one form or another, your not going to be any better off really by using more smaller drives. Regardless of what way you go you should have a backup strategy. Even a 20gig drive is able to fail after all.

exactly! which depending on how important the DATA your storing on the hard drive is..... if it's real important (i.e. cant afford to lose) i would strongly recommend AT LEAST leaving a copy of the data on a hard drive along with 2 backups on DVD+R's (preferably TY (Taiyo Yuden) 8x cert DVD+R and another copy on Verbatim DVD+R 16x cert (MCC 004) media..... and in general burn @ 8x speed (especially if your burner is semi-recent (2005 ish or newer) 8x burn speed is a pretty safe bet)

and if your wallet is bill gates-ish then do what i said above but have another copy on another hard drive (i.e. 2 hard drives and 2 dvd+r media like i was saying)

if you do that it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that your data would ever be lost.

but at the very least ... i would keep a copy of your data on hard drive and quality media like either TY or Verbatim (DVD+R) .... in general the TY DVD+R 8x Certified media is considered one of the best dvd recordables you can buy right now. (im basing most of what i said on info from which are pretty much experts in dvd burning etc in general)

i agree! ... im basically waiting for the standard seagate/western digital etc 1TB hdd's to get in the 100-115 dollar area and then ill probably grab one... cause 200 is still to steep for a hard drive.

cause in general... you usually get the best/biggest hdd's at around that 100 dollar price area... cause once you go past that the price starts to skyrocket and hard drive size dont get all that much bigger.

in other words... you get the best bang for the buck around the 100 dollar area for a hard drive in general.

To be perfectly honest here, I would rather not see that price in that currency at this time. Not gonna store it in my head I'm afraid (or maybe i'll recall it in any case having written this piece). Though, someone should prolly go bake me a big fat reality pie someday so I can eat it and get fatter and more bored to remember such thing :ppp

Why are there idiots in every single Neowin post informing us that 'this isn't news'...but then again I suppose that isn't really news to anyone is it?