Samsung announces universal Wi-Fi touch remote control

Samsung announced their new universal Wi-Fi touch remote control. Neowin had a hands on look at this new device that complements Samsung's 9000 series of premium LCD televisions. This remote gives you the standard function, plus the ability to stream a video source from the television to the remote. You can check up on your local high-definition television stations while watching a movie, look at photos, and listen to music which is all sent to the remote over a Wi-Fi connection. Infrared is also available on the remote for many other common devices.

The Samsung universal remote control will initially only be available in the box with a 9000 series television and then later available separately to complement the 8000 and 7000 series. The remote uses a rechargeable, removable battery; however they have not announced the estimated battery life yet. Pricing for the 9000 series has not yet been announced but is due in retail stores sometime this year.

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I am not normally a fan of touch screen remotes but this one sounds cool. I am amazed that no one makes some sort of network connected IR base that has an iPhone/Touch app that lets you build a touch screen remote that sends commands over WiFi to the IR base.

Cool remote. but I cant stop loving my Phillips Pronto.

I do like that they are bundling with the TV. Usually you see a remote like this be sold separately. The universals that are usually sold with tv's stink.

THis is definitely a gadget to look out for. I am a little worried about the battery life at the end of the day, but it seems to have a lot of practical uses.

I dont know why in 2010 the vast majority of A/V equipment is still using line-of-sight infrared. I thought after the PS3 was released without IR, instead equipped with BT other electronics manufacturers would follow suit considering how many advantages BT brings.

You can preview another HD channel before switching the 'main display' to something you want to watch. Pretty cool if you ask me.

My concern is with the ridiculously small number of push buttons. I personally don't care for non-tactile touch screens, but I'm sure all you iphone users will declare blasphemy on that statement.

It is, and it looks like it's pretty responsive too. If I'm going to have a fancy remote like that though, I want it to be able to operate everything I have...

That looks...expensive. I have all Sammy electronics (LCD, Receiver, BD Player) so I'd like to have one, but I bet that thing will be at least $300.

M_Lyons10 said,
It does look expensive, and because it's Wi-Fi, I guess it being an all in one is out of the question...

Whoops, forgot to mention it also has infrared for a lot of other devices :P added