Samsung ATIV S on sale in Canada; no word on US launch

While Nokia and HTC have done a good job getting their Windows Phone 8-based smartphones to consumers in the US, the same cannot be said of Samsung's ATIV S. While it was the first Windows Phone 8 product to be officially announced in August, the Samsung ATIV S has yet to debut in the US.

However, if you live in Canada, wireless carriers such as Rogers, Bell and Telus are now selling the smartphone, according to Mobile Syrup. Prices for the ATIV S on a contract range from $29.99 to $99.99, depending on the length of the contract. Canadians can also buy the phone outright for between $599.99 and $650. The Samsung ATIV S went on sale in the UK earlier this week.

So our question is, "When will this cool looking smartphone show up in the States?". A few weeks ago, Verizon Wireless revealed they would have the exclusive on the Samsung ATIV S. However, their announcement didn't give a specific launch date, saying only that it will show up before the end of the year. With just two weeks to go before 2012 is history, Verizon seems to be cutting it a bit close in terms of offering the latest Windows Phone 8 smartphone to the US market.

Source: Mobile Syrup | Image via Samsung

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picked one up yesterday - not the simplest thing to find - called a few stores - some had never heard of it - I had two stores tell me they had it but then tell me they were wrong when I asked them to put one on hold for me... after all that... finally found one store that had just received their shipment as I was talking to the guy on the phone so he set one aside for me.

so far - love it... nice big screen like my Galaxy Note (well, almost as big anyway) and runs super-fast with WP8. blows android away for smoothness and speed.

My friend got one yesterday and I spent some time with it. Fortunately, the screen doesn't have the blue hue that can be seen on the Galaxy S III. The tint appears much warmer.

Overall, a very nice, light and fast phone.

Yup, saw it at several stations at the mall today. Looks nice, though im holding out for a LUMIA 920 on TELUS

auziez said,
Yup, saw it at several stations at the mall today. Looks nice, though im holding out for a LUMIA 920 on TELUS

I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. Exclusivity deal with Rogers.

Yeah, wouldn't hold my breath on that either. Originally I was going to buy a Lumia 920 and carry it over to Koodo (Telus) with a $50 unlock fee. Then figuring how many hoops I had to jump through to give them money, I was like screw this crap, and just bought an iPhone 5. Never looked back.

I think I saw an article that said the Lumia 920 was going to be coming to other carriers, like less exclusive. But that was in Europe.
Maybe I am crossing my fingers, but I don't know... I still have a year on my contract so its not that big of a deal.

I could always buy it from rogers and use it on Telus, but can't afford it atm.

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