Samsung begins sampling 50nm 16Gb NAND flash

Samsung Electronics has announced that it is now sampling 16Gb NAND flash memory manufactured on 50nm process technology. The first samples of will have a multi-level cell (MLC) design with a 4KB page size, with the company claiming that the jump to a 4KB page function improves the conventional 2KB paging system for MLC NAND flash to double the read speed, while increasing write performance 150%.

The company plans to begin mass-producing its 16Gb NAND flash memory in the first quarter of 2007. In September of 2006, Samsung also announced it has developed a 32Gb NAND flash device manufactured on 40nm node. The memory incorporated a charge trap flash (CTF) architecture, a new approach to further increase manufacturing efficiency while improving performance, according to the company.

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think that it is getting close to it. I thought we would already be seeing computers sporting the OS, program files and virtual memory on some large and fast flash memory device. It would be nice to never have to reboot your computer and still be able to turn it completely off (like Pocket PCs).

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