Samsung could be producing the next Nexus handset

Google's line of Nexus phones have always been landmark devices for the Android operating system. Typically they receive longer lasting support than their normal counterparts, and also are the first phones to run the newest version of the Android operating system.

Since its release in November, the Galaxy Nexus has been one of the most powerful and desirable Android phones on the market. The HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SII are the two other primary phones, though neither comes with a completely stock version of Android 4.0.

The Galaxy Nexus, like its predecessor, the Nexus S, was produced by Google in cooperation with Samsung. At present the next powerhouse to come from Samsung is meant to be the Galaxy S3, which could be officially announced on May 3rd. At present there have been a number of rumored images leaked as well as possible specifications and falsified renders, though Samsung have remained tight-lipped. Since Samsung are the biggest manufacturer of Android devices, they make an excellent partnership for Google's open-source mobile operating system. The sales success of the Galaxy SII has also meant that the company would be an ideal ally to remain with.

Predictions made by Android and Me suggest that the next Nexus handset could release in Q4 of 2012. Should this be the case, the Galaxy Nexus could quickly find itself outgunned by the Galaxy S3, if the rumored specifications are accurate, and also by a newer Nexus sibling. If this is the case, then prices of the Galaxy Nexus could drop very quickly.

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I'd say the price of the galaxy nexus have already dropped. $400 for an unlocked phone that is supposed to be android's flagship is not bad at all.

tom5 said,
We can be certain about one thing: it'll have a 5 MP crappy camera

I dont have any problems with my 5mp camera? did you dust it before use? ;O /Sarcasm

...for patents.

Maybe they have tablet duties and being such a large company can't do both at once.
Samsung are a good partner anyway, might have a long running deal, who knows. Nobody makes a better Android phone at the moment. Wouldn't want to disappoint them, they might make a flagship Windows Phone.

MioTheGreat said,
You'd think since Google bought Motorola....

You'd think, but the only entities making any real money from Android are the carriers and Samsung. Even Google makes so little revenues from Android that it's overshadowed by what they make from iOS devices.

The other OEMs apart from Samsung are treading water and about ready to sink, despite Android's tremendous market share growth. Right now Samsung IS the face of Android.

Breaking your flagship device's association with the only true winner on the Android platform would be a huge mistake.

MioTheGreat said,
You'd think since Google bought Motorola....

You would think that wouldn't you? Based on FUD from some forum members on this site I see why one can be led to believe it. But as we know, Asus will be making the Nexus Tablet. Samsung just makes better hardware as evident by their profits. I for one am happy about this.