Samsung could supply parts for Apple's proposed 65-inch TV's

Could Apple's rumoured TV be entirely made up of Samsung and LG parts?

Advanced Research Japan claim Samsung could provide parts for Apple’s proposed 65-inch TV. Analyst Masahiko Ishino says Samsung is likely to make graphic processing units for the units which could cost up to US $2,500.

Samsung is not the only company that could contribute to the device. LG is tipped to supply more than 70 percent of the liquid crystal displays, while Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 is expected to be used as a cover. Unsurprisingly, Ishino also predicts controversial technology group Foxconn is expected to assemble the TV’s at the China plant.

The proposed 65 inch TV is expected to hit the shelves fourth quarter of next year after years of seemingly endless speculation. Rumors of the TV began after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs claimed he “finally cracked” how to build a TV with user interface that would wirelessly synchronize content with other Apple products.

CNET reports the speculation reignited recently when CEO Tim Cook announced TV is currently an area of “intense focus” for Apple as it seeks to add products that are compatible with Macs, iPhones and iPads. The Cupertino-based company hopes it can build on its success with the release of the 65-inch TV. The company introduced the iPhone 5s and 5c last month, selling more than 9 million devices in the opening weekend. 

Source: Bloomberg, CNET | Image via CultofMac

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I dont get how it says when steve jobs "finally cracked" how to build a TV with a user interface that would wirelessly synchronize content with other apple devices? It cant of bin hard to do at all, also its supposed to mean the people that worked for jobs cracked how to do it.

All they had to do was merge apple TV stuff into the TV build a new interface to make it all look like new when its basically the same thing slap a big price tag on it and spew out rubbish about it being the future of TV's when really its a really expensive TV and anything that samsung pushes out its doors will be far superior. Gorilla glass on a TV... really, thats a massive cost that does not need to be there. Sure itll look good and apple fans will lap it up but will it really do much more than having an apple TV connected to the umm TV? i dont think so. If there going for apps maybe the GPU's samsung is apparently making will be for high res gaming? sounds good but itll never beat an x1 or ps4 so i dont the point. Cant see it selling anything less than $3000-3500