Samsung Galaxy Q details leak: 5.3 inches of phone... or tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy range continues to go from strength to strength and a key element of its success has undoubtedly been Samsung's determination to fill just about every niche in the market. From the lowly Galaxy Apollo and Europa to the magnificent, feature-packed Galaxy S II, all the way up to the stunning new Galaxy Tab 10.1, it was starting to look like Samsung had all its bases covered in the mobile space.

But a new discovery by suggests that a new addition to the range is on its way, the Galaxy Q.  Stretching the definition of ‘mobile phone’ to its limits - and slotting in between the 4.5" Infuse 4G and Galaxy Tab 7 - the new device is believed to have a huge 5.3-inch display, somewhat blurring the lines between phone and tablet. Expect the display to be of the Super AMOLED Plus variety and be set in an ultra-slim form factor. Yahoo News Korea reports that the Q will come in 3G/WCDMA and 4G/LTE versions.

The absence of ‘Tab’ branding on the new handset – in favour of the ‘Q’ designation – suggests that Samsung will be positioning this as a flagship phone handset rather than as a tablet. It’s not yet known which version of Android this beast will be packing, but it could be a perfect candidate for Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), due to be released later this year. This version will combine the best of Gingerbread’s (2.3) phone features with the more tablet-optimised features seen in Honeycomb (3.x) releases.

Not long to wait until this bad-boy bursts onto the market – it’ll make its debut at IFA in Berlin in September – so if huge handsets are your thing, start saving those pennies.

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I just had a mental image of someone holding up a tablet sized device to their ear as if it was a phone

Then I giggled

Edit: I just realized that my Kindle screen is 6 inches, then I giggled some more

My Desire HD is 4.3 inches and that's still okay but beyond that it's becoming a tablet fast, maybe 4.7 should be the cut-off for smartphone.

Did anyone realize that when you speak you would have to bring the mic near your mouth. And when have to listen, bring the speaker near your ear.

anything above 4,0 is tablet. 3,6 is maximum possible to control with one hand by average height human (167cm)

I've got a Dell Streak, had it about 9 months LOVE IT STILL! Even though at&t & Dell don't have a clue how to market anything, it's still a great device. Unless the 5.3 has a HUGE bezel, I'll be looking at this when time comes to replace my dell. 5" for me anyway, isn't too big.

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