Samsung Galaxy S II sells 3 million units worldwide

It looks as though Samsung’s Galaxy S II mobile phone has become a very popular seller around the world if today’s sales announcement from the company is anything to go by.In an e-mail sent into Neowin today, the company announced that they have reached sales of just over three million units in a little less than two months of hitting store shelves in May.

Simon Stanford, the Mobile managing director of Samsung UK and Ireland said “The Galaxy S II is our most advanced smartphone to date and has been a huge hit with customers. This latest sales milestone reflects how devices from our Galaxy range continue to exceed expectations, thanks to a combination of superb hardware, the latest OS and the greatest and most relevant content.”

The Samsung Galaxy S II has had some great reviews online with many sites claiming that not only is it the best Android handset around, it even outperforms the iPhone 4 in design and performance.The new Samsung Galaxy S II is larger than the original, yet has managed to be much thinner, while featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and well over twice the processing power of the original.

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I don't know why this phone is successful the SGS sucked, I was die hard HTC (Dream>Hero) then thought I would give the SGS a shot and hated it, lag lag lag lag, poor community support, slow update releases, went back to HTC after about a month of use and it was like a big weight was lifted (T-Mobile G2)

Samsung make great displays, cameras etc...but as far as Android goes HTC or bust

ManMountain said,
I'm still in awe of the SGS 2 and it's without a doubt the best smartphone I've ever owned.

It's the one handset i'd love to have right now. Happily replace my Nexus S which is still a great phone

The SGS2 looks awesome!! But I find my Galaxy S does a pretty awesome job for me right now, minus the lack of front facing camera though (I bought the AT&T version).. that sort of sucks!

This is a reason I like Samsung over apple, they actually ship it to most of the countries in the world rather than just the usual countries all over again.

Nexus- said,
and it hasnt even made it to the USA yet. American carriers suck.

The problem is that you let the carriers decide your phones ;-)

Alastyr said,

Available with all carriers or no carriers at all here.

I mean here in US and I think its not release yet. Its called Samsung attain for ATT.