Samsung Galaxy S III Mini won't go on sale in US

If you live in the US and were hoping that Samsung was going to offer the recently announced Galaxy S III Mini smartphone for sale, you are now officially out of luck. The Android 4.1 based four inch smartphone, which was revealed in October, won't be heading to US stores.

Reuters reports that Samsung had requested that the Galaxy S III Mini be kept out of the company's current patent battle with Apple on the reasoning that it would not be sold in the US. That was apparently good enough for Apple, who confined in a court filing on Friday that it would not seek to add the smartphone to its already lengthy list of Samsung devices that Apple claims violate its patents.

The four inch screen of the Galaxy S III Mini has a resolution of just 800x480, along with a dual core 1 GHz processor. It also has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, along with a five megapixel camera. Samsung likely feels that the Galaxy S III, with its larger 4.8 inch screen and more powerful hardware, is a better bet for the US market than the budget-themed Mini.

Source: Reuters | Image via Samsung

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Ugh. Samsung are giving Apple leverage over too much of their US operations at the moment. Just license the damn patents or alter the design a bit.

My brother just got the S3 mini.I got to play with it a bit and it is the most amazing phone i've seen so far. Very responsive,amazing screen,lightweight and really like the Android 4.

Just bought a GS3 last week. Best phone I've ever owned. The extra .8 screen size is sooo much better. I don't even know what the PPI is, but text and video look amazing. Side by side, I can't imagine anyone opting for the mini unless is was solely based on price.

Samsung has too many phones. No seriously, I think it's better that Samsung didn't have to sell so many kinds of Galaxies; Samsung has to offer. I prefer Apple's yearly update way more than the mad shapes and sizes these Android companies come up with in 3-6 months.

francescob said,
I agree. They're so many we clearly need an hitchhiker's guide to the samsung galaxies.

It's called choice, unlike Apple which keeps on producing more or less the same thing each year for the iSheep.

yowanvista said,

It's called choice, unlike Apple which keeps on producing more or less the same thing each year for the iSheep.

But what if our future is pre-determined and we don't really have a choice?

Then our pre-determined future will at least have more diversity. Perhaps I am destined to own a Lumia 920 and you a iPhone 5, it's stil a better future than the one where we both have the same phone.

I personally don't like 70% of the Android phones, and probably 95% of Samsung's. Which makes it all the more important that there is choice.

yowanvista said,

It's called choice, unlike Apple which keeps on producing more or less the same thing each year for the iSheep.

its not choice when everything is the same except the case. Does each galaxie have a different android os, and each have exclusive features? no its just a case, so you google sheep are no different

Except the case? Nice try but not enough. The entire Galaxy series consists of various devices using different chipsets (Qualcomm, Novathor, Exynos, Tegra and TI OMAP), they come with various Android versions and have certain exclusive features. The Note 2/GS3 have premium features that you'll never find on any other handset, ever heard of Popup-Play, MultiView , exclusive Video and Browser apps, handwriting support, S Pen, Photo Note, Easy Clip and Paper Artist? Samsung even produced a Galaxy with a projector and even a fully fledged Galaxy Camera. Troll harder now.

Plenty of choice other than the case. The most important, the ability to manipulate and customize the experience such as the desktop, OS, etc without the manufacturer declairing you a criminal.