Samsung holding press event October 24th

New York City has been the setting for many tech-themed press events in September, and that will apparently continue in October. Microsoft is already given notice it will hold a Windows 8 launch event on October 25th, one day before the actual launch of the operating system.

Today, Neowin received an invite for yet another press event in NYC, this time on October 24th. The invite comes from Samsung, which used its "The Next Big Thing Is Here" slogan that it has been using in recent TV ads that pit the Samsung Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5.

The image also shows what looks like the S-Pen stylus, which may be a big clue that the device is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Android 4.0-based Galaxy Note 2 is also supposed to have a a 1.6GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, an eight megapixel rear camera, a 1.8-megapixel front facing camera and more. It will launch with 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB versions.

It's also possible that the event could be for a Windows 8 based tablet. Samsung has previously announced plans to release ATIV-branded tablets in late August, which will also come with the S-Pen stylus.

Source: Email invite | Image via Samsung

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As one who dabbled with older Windows Tablets nearly 10 years ago I can attest there's a wealth of handwriting and drawing software - specially in Asia - meaning handwriting and pen input could be the major differentiator between Windows 8 and Apple/Android "readers with onscreen QWERTY typewriter emulators".

If Samsung have found a way to do low-cost handwriting on a Windows RT tablet, that would indeed be "BIG". Yet another useless Android tablet would be a BIG bore.

S3P€hR said,
I wish I were in NY in that week. but why oneday before Microsoft big event? while its a dick move but smart from samsung.

unless its a windows 8 device (or phone 8).

duddit2 said,

unless its a windows 8 device (or phone 8).

There is a touch pen so there might be some sort of windows tablet announcement I guess.

S3P€hR said,

There is a touch pen so there might be some sort of windows tablet announcement I guess.

well, hold on. Nokia has a special partnership with Microsoft, getting to change the OS. HTC has a special partnership with Microsoft, getting to call their devices signature, not to mention the clock live tile, a previous inoossibility with WP7. (It might be a new system wide feature but who knows.). Maybe Samsung will get to add stylus support for a 5 inch windows phone. Not likely, but cool to think about.

Ambroos said,
Ehm, is someone suffering from memory loss? The Galaxy Note 2 was announced earlier this month in Berlin at IFA.

Exactly what I was thinking .

More than likely to be the next big thing for the Samsung marketing dept.

For the rest of the world is just a bit of a faster tool than the one before it, something to purchase when your previous tool dies.

The days of amazing new features seem to be behind most companies right now.. don't blame them, why release something ground breaking when you can just increase the speed of the current line up for a few more years?