Samsung offers up to $300 for old smartphones

Samsung is on a roll lately as the smartphone maker has launched a lot of Android based devices that have sold very well with the general public. That includes its latest release, the Galaxy S III, which the company said sold over 10 million units in less than two months.

Now Samsung is offering people who purchase a new smartphone made by their company a direct way to get a refund from their old hardware. It launched the new Samsung Upgrade website today, and it will give people up to $300 for their old smartphone; that high price is only if you have an iPhone 4S from AT&T that has 64 GB of storage.

The process is simple. The website has an online form where you select which smartphone you currently own. Yes, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices are listed in addition to Android. Then you tell the site if the phone is still in good working order and the site generates a quote. After you purchase a new Samsung phone, you mail in your old phone within 30 days. After that, you should receive a quote for the amount that you were given for the phone by the website.

People who have already purchased new Samsung smartphones can still participate, if they still have their device's proof of purchase. Samsung also offers a separate process for people who might have six or more old smartphones a way to get a refund as well.

While we have seen online refunds for old smartphone hardware in the past, its rare that a smartphone company would launch such an effort.

Source: Samsung Upgrade website

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tiagosilva29 said,
Samsung Wave 525 - $0

Cool story, Samsung.

Well they don't want to buy their own **** back off you and try to sell it again when they churn that model out themselves!

HTC Desire - $15!

I can get in the region of $100 from established mobile phone recycling companies here in the UK. Clearly they're not in THAT much of a hurry to lure people into buying a Samsung handset!

They wanted to give me 35.00 for my Samsung Focus. I sold it last month for 150.00 it was unlocked and not one scratch.

smooth3006 said,
lmao... $140 for my new droid razr. i could easily get $300+ from this on ebay or craigslist. what a joke!
Because no company wants to make a profit...

You actually think they're going to give you full resale value on your phone? Or do you think that it makes a bit more sense for them to give you less so they can make money?

Makes perfect sense to me. It's what gamestop does and I'm sure you can get more money selling your game on your own, but clearly there's a market for people who can't be bothered with that and like the convenience of trading in a store instead for less money back.

HAHAHA!!! Are you kidding me?
I get 50$ for a fully functional Samsung Galaxy S GT9000 8GB

I can sell it much higher than that (150$+)

The refund is bull****